Hurricane Hermine leads to discovery of 5 starving dogs living in squalor

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In Columbus County, North Carolina, five dogs were rescued after Hurricane Hermine damaged a dog pen and one of the neglected dogs was able to escape, reports Wect6News.

When neighbors called authorities to report the stray dog, Animal Control responded and discovered the dog had been penned in a filthy wire kennel at an abandoned home on Floyd Street along with four other dogs. The five dogs had been living in cages barely big enough to turn around, waded in filth and squalor, had been starved for an extended period of time, and had resorted to eating their own feces and drinking dirty water.

According to Columbus County Animal Control shelter director, Joey Prince, the owners of the dogs face felony animal cruelty charges; authorities plan to issue owners with five felony charges per dog, five class two misdemeanors and five class one misdemeanors. The names of the dog owners have not been named.

“…We intend to prosecute to the fullest extent possible that the law allows. Had these people come to us for help, we would have been glad to assist. However, to just abandon these animals and leave them there without food or clean water is just unconscionable,” stated Prince.

The dogs are all in the care of Columbus County and are being treated. It is believed more animals may have been kept on the property.

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(Photo: Columbus County Animal Control)

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    IME the STATE of North Carolina Stands up and deals with some of the abuse of the animals and deal with the individuals committing this type of horrific abuse!!!

  2. glad to see the dogs are safe and health.charge the owner with mistreating a 4 legged kids wearing fur.dogs are 4 legged kids wearing fur.

  3. What is wrong with the neighbors not noticing this! It takes a tropical storm and a dog getting loose for someone to report abuse!. I hope the owners are prosecuted but what will be done, another proverbial slap on the wrist?


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