Hundreds of animals discovered in deplorable conditions

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Hundreds of animals, living in squalor, were discovered on sprawling property in Westport, Massachusetts, this week. According to Wednesday’s WISH TV News, the number of animals on the property located off Route 177, could number between 600 and 800.

The disturbing find has led to an animal cruelty investigation – and apparently it is not the first time that this same property has been found with animal cruelty related problems. According to South Coast Today, six years ago, a search warrant on the same property revealed sick and dead animals, along with illegal dumping and abandoned cars.

The current situation is even more dire – according to WPRI News, over five dozen animals, in pitiful condition, have already been put down since the investigation started on Tuesday. Many of the surviving animals have been taken to the Animal Rescue League of Boston for care.

The deplorable situation is located not far from a residential area – Westport Police Detective Jeff Majewski described the property as looking like a “Third World country.” He stated, “It sickens me that people from outside Westport bring in abused animals, burn their household trash and care not for the environment. This is an unmonitored business in the ‘game of animals.’ ”

The massive rescue effort has overwhelmed local resources. Read more about the prior situation found on this same property at this link to WISH TV.

(photo screenshot via Fox Providence)

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  1. Seize their property. Sell all assets and turn all funds over to the animal rescue league of Boston and pet rescue report. Throw owners in jail and throw away the key. This is not their first offense but should damn well be their last.

  2. Six years ago, they had problems with this property so don’t bother to check once in awhile to see what is going on! disgusting, I hope something is done to put a stop to this!

  3. The Authorities, of This Township AS well as the Putrid Maggots that have gathered and neglected these animals are JUST AS GUILTY for NOT putting a stop to this Bull Shit before it reached this stage. Then instead of assisting the animals in dire need Kill them off !!!! I can’t say too much positive about Westport!!!

  4. I agree, this place should be condemned and burned to the ground. So, this doesn’t happen again. It should of been done the first time. People are so ignorant and don’t realize that a life is precious. Wither it be animal or human. Take the time too destroy this place. God help the animals that are recovering from this episode !!!!

  5. 5 DOZ animals in “pitiful” condition have been put down. Not in “hopeless” condition? Geez, I hope they try to save the rest of them. I know the numbers are staggering. I hope shelters and rescues in the area are opening their facilities to help. How did this happen after the first time they went out there. It sounds like a place you would want to monitor closely.


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