When humans turned a blind eye to suffering dogs, Texas rescue stepped up to help

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As others turned a blind eye to the suffering of a mother dog and her young puppy in the Houston, Texas district of the Fifth Ward, volunteers and animal advocates from the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project were out trying to find the strays that humans forgot. July and Jany Rae first spotted

On Wednesday, the photos of a mange covered SharPei and her defenseless puppy were sent to the rescue organization; the dogs had been scavenging for food around a local resident’s home. Volunteers immediately went over to help. On Thursday evening, the two dogs dubbed ‘July’ and her baby ‘Jany Rae’ were rescued. A Facebook post describes their compromised condition: July and Jany Rae

“So far what we know is that they have both types of mange, mama has bilateral entropion, both have every kind of worm they could, and most of all that they need lots and lots of love. They will recover with us and in two to three months you will see different dogs. Mama will probably have to have surgery on her eyes…”

Both dogs have been made comfortable and are now able to sleep peacefully; perhaps for the first time in a long while for July. Regular updates will be posted so Facebook followers and supporters can see the gradual metamorphosis from what they look like now to the beautiful dogs they will become with proper veterinary care, diet, exercise  and love. July and Jany Rae 3

For now July and Jany Rae are being cared for in a foster home, where they will rest, regain strength and gain weight- as they are very very skinny. Rescue photos below show the two have settled in quietly and are grateful for their safe new surroundings.

(Photos by Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward)


To help, please donate by clicking here. July and Jany Rae 5

July and Jany Rae 7July and Jany Rae 6

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  1. mongibello says:

    Probably chucked out when mamma got pregnant. Thank goodness they are safe now. Blessings to all who are helping these dogs.

  2. Tina Scott says:

    Who ever did this to you have bad karma coming their way. You are in a safe place now. Get better so your forever family can find you. You are both beauties. God bless the rescurers and fosters

  3. Edward says:

    I’m impressed that Mama stayed with her baby usually don’t that’s a great mama okay both both betrayed homes they both deserve it and thank God for you guys again you guys are all the best


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