Hotel staff in Wales beat stray kitten to death with rolling pin

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At the Royal Oak Hotel in Betwys-y-Coed located in north Wales, administrators admitted killing a stray kitten, but insisted in a now-deleted Facebook status that the frightened little feline was “humanely euthanized.” The RSPCA, however has a different version, and according to the Metro, have launched an investigation concerning allegations the hotel staff stuffed the terrified animal into a plastic bag and beat the kitten to death with a rolling pin. Sadly the story only gets worse.

It has been claimed by witnesses that the kitten was found eating a tiny bit of  food and when confronted by the staff ran and tried to hide. Now trapped inside, she urinated in the kitchen, and that’s when the staff caught her, beat her with a rolling pin and continued the torture by smashing her into the wall.

In a statement to the Daily Post,  Royal Oak Hotel administrator Glen Evans, defended his position stating the stray kitten was “smelly, vicious and posed a threat.” Evans contended a hotel employee spent eight hours trying to find the cat and was dealing with a “significant health and safety hazard.”

Once the story spread, the hotel’s Facebook page was deluged with nasty comments – many advocates prompting people to boycott the establishment. “Why didn’t someone just call the RSPCA?” was the repeated question before the page was removed. “Feral cats don’t want to be locked in kitchens as much as hotel staff didn’t want her in there,” another person posted.

The hotel’s separate restaurant page is still online and has been flooded with one-star reviews.

As to the RSPCA Cymru, the organization continues to investigate. Anyone with information is asked to contact the 24-hour Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999.

Rest in peace poor kitten. We are sorry humans failed you.

(Photo stray kitten at Royal Oak Hotel in Betws-y-Coed via website)





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  1. BASTARDS!!!!!!! This is inexcusable! What kind of monsters are they? What kind of ‘threat’ do they honestly believe the rest of us think that kitten posed to them? I hope each and every one of those scumbags rots in Hell!

  2. RIP sweet kitten. I’m so sorry for your suffering.

    I’ve been saying for a long time that the Devil is alive and well. This is more proof.

  3. Disgusting you should name and shame these sick bastards , That poor baby was only hungry . Hope the Royal oak loses trade infact lose there business R.I.P kitty run free <3


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