Horse’s head discovered in grisly Miami horse slaughter

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It’s happened again! Another horse was found chopped apart for its meat early Sunday morning in Homestead, Florida, according to Richard Couto, founder of the Animal Recovery Mission.Horse slaughter July 31

The horse was discovered off of a dirt road in the vicinity of Southwest 187th Avenue and 180th Street; an area known to be a well trampled section for thieves looking for horses to slaughter with the sole intention of selling the meat for great profits. According to the Animal Recovery Mission Facebook page, Couto arrived earlier in the day, shortly after investigators had combed the area. The head, legs and internal organs of the yet unidentified horse, had been scattered about the area – even the horse’s skin had been slaughter july 31 2

Examining the horse’s teeth, he was estimated to be approximately eight-years-old and had been stabbed in the chest by his abusers.

“The animal was certainly tortured and butchered alive,” Couto stated emphasizing the horse suffered a long, torturous death.

Florida has increased penalties for anyone proven to be guilty of horse slaughter – criminals face fines up to $3,500 and one to five years in prison.

The butchers who killed the horse believe the meat can cure different physical ailments in humans including curing diseases to making men more sexually potent. The meat is sold anywhere from $4.50 a pound up to $40 on the black market. The last horse slaughterhouse in the United States closed years ago, however approximately 130,000 American horses are slaughtered each year in Canada and Mexico. The horses come from owners who decide they no longer want their horses because they can no longer race, no longer plow, they are old, cost too much and the list goes on. Nonetheless these magnificent animals, many times once loved and cared for, endure inhumane travel in trucks, are led out in lines to the slaughter plants and watch and hear the horses in front of them mercilessly slaughtered.

Miami-Dade Police has instituted an investigation.

Warning: Graphic video (Photos courtesy of Richard Couto)

ARM investigating a horse slaughter after discovering this pet horse early this morning. Warning -Explicit images !!

Posted by Richard Couto on Sunday, July 31, 2016

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11 replies
  1. Jerry Edelman says:

    How many more of these atrocities will we continue to see under the FAILED leadership of county Mayor Gimenez? He and MDAS IGNORE the dumping of animals in areas such as the REDLANDS and HOMESTEAD. The slaughter of horses has been and continues to be, a NATIONAL DISGRACE. Many of the incidents are in the very same districts that the CORRUPT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS live in an represent, while they DISHONESTLY claim that conditions are better for the animals. They turn a blind eye to these atrocities because of the “special interests” that influence over them continue to support their re-elections. It’s time we STOPPED THE ABUSE and get rid of the CORRUPT politicians that allow this inhumane acts to continue.

    • Linda Staffulani says:

      People has to take it into there own hands and start going out there and keep a eye on the place to stop this. This how they do think here in Detroit . Where are these horses coming from? How are they getting them there? Yes, get rid of Corrupt politician. But you can do it yourself.

  2. Rie says:

    Does anyone even really bother to go look for these Psychopaths that do this the animal abuse and sexual abuse the child murderers and sexual perverts they should all just be found andl linedup and shot in the head the world would be such a better place without all these psychopath walking the Earth

  3. agrippamom says:

    The fines aren’t large enough and the time isn’t long enough. If it were up to me the penalty would be life in prison. There is no reason to allow scum capable of butchering family pets alive to ever walk around and about again.

  4. virginia green says:

    check the woods for homeless people and then check out high school kids.the hores did nothing to be treated like that at all.let us find who did it and do it to them also.

  5. Susan Steele Loughnane says:

    Domestic horse meat is not safe to eat. I hope whomever took this horse’s life dies a slow and painful death. At least give ’em a bellyache that has them begging for death? RIP unknown horse. This is beyond sickening.

  6. tr says:

    like those horrible B grade movies made of mongrel mentally sick people that live in the sewers that come up to feed and steal and rape….but this is our reality now. This type of behavior and type of people has only gotten worse and will continue to…what a horrible diseased world we have..


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