Horrifying incident as India villagers beat leopard to death

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In an Indian farming town, angry Mandawar villagers in Gurgaon mercilessly beat a three-year-old endangered species leopard to death that had been in search of food in an ever developing area where wildlife continues to be forced back as agricultural areas continue to develop. According to India Today,  the question remains why the police and forest department didn’t intervene to save the animal’s life?

On Friday, the young leopard had attacked some stray animals and hid under a bed after villagers went into a panic. Men came out armed with axes, bamboo sticks and stones in search of the animal. More than a hundred people cornered the leopard and beat it to death “to teach it a lesson.” Meanwhile the forest rangers had no control over the situation and stood helpless on the side for three hours as the frightened wild animal was tortured to death. And as if that wasn’t enough, the villagers, estimated to have been a thousand strong, then paraded the leopard’s dead body around shouting victory slogans and blocking local traffic.

The tragic incident not only resulted in the death of an endangered species, but also highlighted the lack of responsibility and skill of the forest department.

“The animal could injure so many people (9) and terrorize our village for so long because forest officials were so inept,” stated a resident of the village named Seema.

The forest department countered back stating there were too many people surrounding the leopard,  and they were unable to secure the proper aim to tranquilize him. As the leopard population continues to decrease in the world due to habitat loss and pest control, animal cruelty remains a huge problem in India.

Authorities state that legal action will be taken against the people who initiated the riot towards the leopard.

(Photo of leopard via India Today screenshot)

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    • Filsan
      Filsan says:

      Audra say there something wrong with India and China, Vietnam and South Korea for cruelty of animals. These people are cruel, heartless disgusting human being. There are no laws to protect animals. I am getting sick of all the animals abuse that is happening. These evils someone needs to stop them. I Hope Karma gets them horrible disease that will wipe them on the earth. They don’t belong to be on this planet.

  1. Marsha Squibb
    Marsha Squibb says:

    These idiots need to be educated…. One stop procreating you can’t take care of these children and there is NO room left..2 teach them.that every animal needs room to live a long with people….it can be done,education is key

  2. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    SERIUOSLY this is FKN ENOUGH!! This was an ENDANGERED INNOCENT SPECIES!! This must be taken to the highest punishment if not more!! It’s time the world steps in against was has happened! Wish I could beat them to a FKN PULP!!!

  3. maxiemom
    maxiemom says:

    That beautiful animal dead because of the ignorance of the villagers who care nothing for the wildlife around them. Too many people encroaching on the land with no concern for what it’s doing to the earth or its creatures. I would love to see each and every one of them beaten to death, which is exactly what they deserve.

  4. Mark Hasl
    Mark Hasl says:

    Absolutely horrible. Unfortunately, ignorance and poverty are two principal causes of this sort of action, and the governments of many nations, including in the US, are only too happy to continue the status quo. 🙁 This is yet another sad and horrific example of the failure of human kind to elevate ourselves to the level of caretakers of ourselves, our world and our environment.

  5. AH
    AH says:

    Disgusting! A bunch of low educated villagers. Why education hasnt been done there? If they continue their unruly ways towards wildlife, it is such a shame to their country!

  6. Rommi brian
    Rommi brian says:

    That poor animal can’t say much more about India so much abuse goes on with animals and not enough getting done to stop it

  7. Lange
    Lange says:

    This is only the beginning. Humans will destroy every last refuge for wild things, and with it all living things. Then, humans will hunt humans for sport, then for food.

    The only thing that can save the planet is the extinction of the human.

  8. Rhonda Maclean
    Rhonda Maclean says:

    Humans want to control the breeding of other species but there are no controls on our breeding and that is a major problem. Our ever expanding population is slowly killing everything on this planet and will eventually lead to our own demise. This poor leopard is an example of what happens to animals that are of no use to humans. Unless we can bring our overbreeding under control this will continue to be the future for all other species that do not directly benefit human survival


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