Horrifying cruelty as Russian workers deliberately crushed brown bear to death with truck

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A disturbing video has sparked an animal cruelty investigation as Russian workers deliberately crushed a brown bear to death by repeatedly driving over the defenseless animal in the snow with a truck. According to the Daily Mail, the footage, allegedly shot by one of the men involved in the outrageous cruelty, went viral on Tuesday and took place in the Yakutia region of the Siberian Arctic.russians-drive-truck-over-bear-1

It is unknown why the bear did not hibernate, however many have stated the brown bear was woken up from his den and taunted and was killed by shift workers as they chased the animal in deep snow. When the exhausted bear could no longer run away, the men in the heavy work truck chased the bear down and moved forward and backward trying to crush the animal. Still alive, the tortured animal tried desperately to get up, but then a second truck ran him over until he became trapped under the front two wheels. With not an inch of mercy, the men then hit the bear over the head with a crowbar.

During the video, one of the men could be heard shouting, “Squash him! Squash him!” and then squeals are heard as the truck crushes the bear. After driving back and forth over the bear trying to escape, the men are overheard saying, “It’s still alive.”russians-drive-truck-over-bear

The video has caused a mixed reaction, but more so an outrage as most viewers agree the fat layer on the brown bear seemed to have been normal, and the animal had been moving sluggishly to suggest that the men may have driven it out of its den just “for fun.”  A few others have  stated bears that do not hibernate can pose a serious risk to people as they can be aggressive.

The minister of Nature Protection in the republic, Sakhamin Afanasiev, stated on his Facebook page:

“I ordered the hunting department to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate action. We will announce the results of the check.”

No matter what the reason for the brown bear being awake, how can anyone rationalize such cruelty? Such actions are appalling.

(Photo of brown bear crushed to death via freezeshots of YouTube video)

Graphic video and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences:


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  1. Deborah J. says:

    I want punishment for the fools who crushed the Brown Bear. No animal should have to endure such pain and suffering. I want those who did this in jail for a very long time!

  2. Edward says:

    thanks for let me see that video it brought back great memories of me accidentally running my son over about 25 years ago who is 21 months old possible I’m not a violent person but I would take every one of you m************ that was on that truck or anything to do with it even the guy shooting the footage I would put you under a f****** full tank and when I was in the service and run you were so much but just enough so every time you scream in agony you mother f****** piece of that Russian ship I am not like one of the guys that comment normally and naturally I am one sick mother f***** so thank you again for hurting that poor innocent from there don’t worry my personal friends Carmen and she’s a mother f****** b**** then you m************ will pay the price of my friend Karma rest in peace my brown furry friend for you bother nobody but you can being your s*** trash that’s why the animal kingdom is much stronger and more powerful

  3. Sarah Sarkissian says:

    Stupid, Scum people! No heart! No feeling! And not a care in the world to do this to this bear. Just heartbreaking! The video shows what they did, so do something about it. The drivers on the truck should not be able to operate a truck, or car at all. What is wrong with people that think they can do cruel harm to any animal. What did that bear do to you?????????

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ces assassins doivent être arrêtés et condamnés aux maximum, il est inacceptable d’ignorer cet acte de barbarie, ces consanguins ne sont que des sous merde et des parasites pour la société. Ils ne méritent aucune pitié. Pauvre loulou.

  5. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    WTF IZ GOING ON IN EASTERN EUROPE!!!??? Everyday another disturbing story about common citizens & EXTREME CRUELTY!

  6. Ashley Bambrough says:

    Why are some humans so evil, lacking any compassion or any good in their souls. As far as I am concerned, there is only good or bad in this world and it is the responsibility of each individual to follow the right path. There is no place on this Earth for people who commit such evil acts against any living creatures, no matter what they are! Anyone who deliberately causes suffering to any innocent creature in any way, should receive really harsh punishments. The poor bear crushed to death, suffered such horrendous pain and distress at the hands of ignorant, arrogant, rotten excuses for human beings and I can’t express strongly enough in words, and how much they disgust me!

  7. lina sorrentino says:

    Animal cruelty is unbearable and unimaginable. Every animal has a right to live without humans purposely destroying them with nocare to the horrifying pain caused. Its something the world needs to place strong laws that punish perpatrators to the maximum sentence. This behavior has become epidemic. Theres no laws to protecet Animals God given right to live. This has got to stop and make it as impotant as for the laws for destroying the lives of people. Now!!!

  8. Rhonda Latimer says:

    Sickening…someone should do the same to them! This animal cruelty and pain that this animal suffered is inexcusable!! I hope they receive the punishment that they deserve!

  9. Melanie says:

    This is sok damn evil..how dare they do that to a animal..who did seem to be aggressive.. So cruel..I hope someone does to them what they did to the bear

  10. Red says:

    Someone, somewhere knows who these monsters are….. all monsters deserve nothing less than a painful, horrific death. Come on KARMA…… GET THEM!

  11. Rosemary says:

    How depressing to read this and JUST think what Trump will not do to help our wildlife animals. When Bush was our President back in the days he sign not to hurt any animals. COME ON PEOPLE LETS NOT LET RUSSIA HURT ANY WILDLIFE ANIMALS.

  12. Jessica says:

    I’m truly frightened by people capable of torture of another living thing, you have to be a certain kind of evil to cause such pain to a living, feeling, helpless creature that has caused no harm and even then there are humane ways to do things. These things, referred to as men are the perfect definition of Inhumane and Evil at its purest. They need to be held accountable.

  13. Dee says:

    Why are people so evil. Poor bear. I know this kind of evil will never end. As long as people are on this earth. They will never be punished for this and it just continues

  14. Theodora Dogas says:

    They need to be punished what g be hell. They woke it it tried to get away. Cruelty beyond belief. If which it wasnt but if it posses a threat u tranqualize and move it these people chased it into the woods tortured it for hrs tan over it how many times and then blunged it to death. There psycopathic killers. Seriously need to be punished. Totally fucked. No fuckin excuse assholes. Hope u all die the worst death possible. Go to hell bastards.

  15. Amanda says:

    Have they announced the results of the check yet?? Probably not, as this will just disappear into the darkness along with many other millions of reports of animal cruelty. That poor creature was hounded and had the most horrendous end to its life. These “men” need to be found and dealt with in the same way.There are hundreds of reports of animal cruelty both in the UK and abroad on pages such as this yet we rarely, if ever, hear of an outcome. Any news on Baby the bull dog puppy who was killed by the Frankish brothers?? That was all in the news, people demanding they were retried, with MPs getting involved…..then nothing! It’s okay to report these things IF we hear what happens after we, the public, vent our fury on pages like this. Any form of animal cruelty is vile and the perpetrators deserve to have the same treatment given to them or at least a punishment to deter them from doing the same thing again. But all they get is a “there, there, sad childhood so please don’t do it again, there’s a little love”….pat on the head!! Pathetic!

  16. amy wilson says:

    This is the face of sheer EVIL!!! This does not get any worse…. These total scumbags would do anything – rape a child, kill and torture and old woman… light a village on fire — they are the true face of the worse that most perverted human-kind has spawn…… they need to be eliminated or put in jail forever…. they have no Conscience and are not capable of learning anything that should mark a human being – which I really am starting to believe, can never be half as good as any wonderful animal life – and the worst of humans like these assholes are not even comparable to the goodness an animal possesses… run them over ..


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