Horrifically injured dog saved from animal services facility

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A horrifically injured dog has been saved thanks to a village of rescuers who sprang into action after seeing graphic images of her wounds. The dog, dubbed “Sloane,” was at the Miami Dade Animal Services facility in Florida when her photo was sent out, along with a plea for help.

The SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center stated, “We received this picture at 5:14 pm.  We placed a hold with the shelter at 5:57pm.  We asked for transport help at 6:02pm.  We filled the transport at 6:18 pm.”


On Saturday morning, the shelter advised Facebook followers that the injured dog was free and on her way to much needed help:

We’re happy to say that pretty Miss Sloane has left the Miami Dade Animal Services building and has started her journey north to us! Thank you to everyone who made a donation towards her care and we will continue to raise funds for all her medical expenses.


The shelter added words of thanks for those who lent a hand:

A huge shout out to Coastal Boxer Rescue volunteers Isa Villarnovo and Ditte Cecilie Simonsen for taking time out of their morning to pull her and get her to Boca. Our volunteer coordinator Kristi Lee will grab her from there and bring her the rest of the way to Titusville.
She has a long journey of healing ahead of her, but we’ll be with her every step of the way!
Welcome to the SPCA Life Sloane!

A fundraiser has been established to help Sloane receive all of the veterinary care that she will require to recovery from her wounds. Click here to read more. Find SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center on Facebook here.


Note: Sloane was picked up as a stray and nobody knows exactly how she was injured before arriving to the animal services facility in Miami – it is surmised that she has suffered some sort of chemical burns.

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4 replies
  1. Lisa says:

    This rescue she be charged with animal cruelty for letting this poor thing suffer in horrific condition just fundraise for donations. Does anyone know what torture she will go through for the rest of her life and all in the name of we saved her! You are no better than the person who did this to her. Charges need to be filed!

  2. Terry Stewart says:

    I read the post likeing. The people who saved this dog to the scum that hurt her, Well let me tell you how wrong u are yes its awfully!!!! But dogs have a remarkable ability with a little love tlc she will be fine

  3. Penny's Dachshund says:

    For someone to be so DEMENTED as to seek some sort of emotional , sexual, or whatever type of gratification from the maiming, injuries, pain, THEY inflicted on the beautiful animal…. They need to be drawn and quartered !!!! like the Romans used to do…!!! People this Emotionally, disturbed don’t NEED to Live any Longer to continue this barbaric torture on animals and NEXT People!!! I hope they find the PERP that did this!!!

  4. Peg Stewart says:

    Just pure,animal abuse and torture on a innocent animal.This person or persons that did this do not deserve to live on this earth not for one second.
    Rotten,scum bags of the earth.They need to have fire crackers shoved up their a**.


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