Horribly injured puppy

Horribly injured puppy rescued in Florida

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A horribly injured puppy, with an eye so swollen that it can barely be seen, has been rescued in Florida. The young pit bull, dubbed “Nigil,” was picked up on Thursday by animal control and he was subsequently taken in by the non-profit rescue agency, Pit Sisters, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

The rescue group introduced its Facebook followers to the injured pup on Thursday:

WARNING: graphic photo. This puppy was picked up today by animal control. We are taking him in and seeing to it that his medical needs are met. Where he was found is irrelevant. What is important is getting him the care he needs.

On Friday, the rescue agency told the Pet Rescue Report, “He is on pain medicine and antibiotics. It is too early to tell if he will lose his eye. It is very infected.” Though nobody knows for sure what happened to little Nigil, blunt force trauma is suspected of being behind his eye’s extreme swelling.

Horribly injured puppy rescued


On Friday, the rescue agency stated:

Update on the little guy: his name is now Nigil. He is on pain medication, antibiotics, and a culture was sent out as his eye is badly infected. We do not know yet if he will lose his eye and he will continue staying with our vet for the time being so that he can continue to receive the care that he needs. Thank you to all who donated for his medical care and all who shared love and concern for this little boy. He has not stopped wagging his little tail.

Find Nigil’s rescue group on Facebook here.

This pup is receiving care at the Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital – phone number 904-285-3520.

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