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Homeless senior dog slips on animal control floor

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A homeless senior dog, dubbed “Bruce,” is doing his utmost to survive life inside of a busy animal control facility in Manhattan, New York. Unfortunately, this handsome senior dog has poor muscle tone and arthritis and the slippery animal control floors make it difficult for him to get up and around on his own.

Bruce, ID#A1092108, has won the hearts of volunteers, who are hoping that he will find someone to take him home and provide him with a proper “retirement.”

A volunteer wrote,

Bruce is a real trooper, always ready when you are… ap on his shoulder and he will wake up “with a smile,” happy to meet a new friend and so willing to go out, do his business and stretch his rusted legs…Indeed, our beautiful friend Bruce has very weak hinds. He is trying valiantly to gather all the strength  he has in his front legs, to stand and pull his back ones up…The floor of the kennel is too slippery. We need a sling. Bruce is so cooperative.

Bruce needs to leave the animal control facility – he is a senior dog, with “special” needs – he needs someone to be there for him, to keep him safe and comfortable, and to love him with the same unconditional love that he is longing to give.

Please click here to read more about Bruce. A reminder – Bruce is at a busy animal control agency and his safety is not guaranteed.

Call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions.

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