Homeless puppy – she wanted more than life in backyard

A homeless puppy at a busy animal control agency in California was surrendered because she did not want to live her life, without love or attention, alone in a backyard. The six-month-old puppy, named “Asia,” was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena on September 24 because she kept escaping from her yard.

The Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, explained:

ASIA is only 6 months but she is smart enough to know she did not want to live her life as a backyard dog, never being invited in the home, spending cold nights alone… she was doing everything she could to escape that life and finally today her owner had enough. He left her at the Shelter because she kept escaping her yard to look for love that she deserves. Please SHARE, the Shelter is completely FULL and she is just amazing. Anyone would be so lucky to have her. A FOSTER or Adopter would save her now.

Asia is obviously a smart puppy – a puppy who wanted more than a solitary life lacking in love or attention. Please help share Asia’s adoption information and help her find an owner who will give her the life that she deserves.

  • Petharbor link here.
  • ASIA – ID#A4996507
  • Note – all inquiries about this dog, including those about health, temperament and availability, must be made directly to the animal services facility

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California
310.523.9566, M-TH 12pm – 7pm, F-SU – 10am – 5pm

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