Homeless German shepherd

Homeless German shepherd – his family does not want him

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Update 11/8/16: Segers has been rescued!

A handsome German shepherd, just four years of age, is homeless, and at risk of being put down, in California. The beautiful dog, named “Segers,” previously had a home – and an owner, but for reasons unknown, the person that owned him has decided that he is no longer going to be part of their family.

A volunteer photographer, who works to increase visibility for homeless dogs at the Baldwin Park Animal Control, wrote about Segers’ heartbreaking situation:

Segers (fka Como Tu) is a very friendly 4 yr old neutered male black/tan German Shepherd who was abandoned on Sept 20, 2016. available now. originally Came to the shelter as a stray on 11/4/15 and was adopted on 11/17/15. Microchipped – Family never claimed him.

Without a doubt, this German shepherd is confused – and heartbroken. In fact, a recent visitor to the facility noted that Segers was too depressed to get up and walk to the front of his kennel run. Segers needs to be networked in order to be saved – please help this homeless dog find a new, committed family, by taking a moment to share his adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
    Ask for information about animal ID number A4869715
  • Facebook thread here
  • Note – all inquiries about this dog, including those about health, temperament and availability, must be made directly to the animal control facility

(photo via Pat Gregoire/Facebook)

24 replies
  1. Candice says:

    All the dates in the article say 2015 and November and mentioned 4 years.
    “Came to the shelter as a stray on 11/4/15 and was adopted on 11/17/15”

    why news now?

    Other dogs and cats are living the same story.

  2. Becky Higgins says:

    I would take that beautiful boy if I could for my handicapped son but I live in NC. My son would absolutely love him to death!!!

  3. R says:

    Segers is STILL available for adoption, but only by a animal rescue group OR by someone who knows how to care and help rehabilitate dogs. He is very friendly with people/families, but can be aggressive towards other dogs. Sweet Segers. If you know of anyone/ or a group, please pass along the info.

  4. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful baby please help him. All dogs can overcome any signs of fear/agression. They simply need patience and love. It doesn’t take long. Please someone give him a chance, if you are able to have him as an addition to your family, there are wonderful people out there that will help you transport.

    • Christine says:

      No, to be a foster means that a rescue has to step in so that they can help pay the vet bills. However, any rescue pulling will be located in California and any foster will have to be living in California and wiling to go to the rescue’s vet. Not all vets accept 501c3 non-profit rescues. If he were interested in adopting, then he could work with an organization that helps transport dogs either through car or plane, as well as pulling him for him.

  5. Joanna Spooner says:

    Absolutely disgusting thing to do, to a family pet. I really wish folk would stop to think first, whether they are suitable pet owners before this kind of thing happens ! There are too many beautiful animals ending up neglected, because of ignorant people. Just don’t take on a pet, if you are totally and utterly clueless,+ignorant !. Best way !


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