Hero pooch rescues woman’s prosthetic leg from ocean

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When an elderly woman’s prosthetic leg was accidentally carried off into the ocean by a gigantic wave, a dog who had  been walking along the beach with his owner, came to the rescue on the Freshwater East Beach in Pembrokeshire in South Wales this past week,  reports the Metro.

As John Dooner, 71, and his German Wire-hair pointer named Gertie, were approached by the woman’s panicky husband who said his wife had removed her leg to sunbathe, the man pleaded for help as his wife’s leg floated away atop of the waves. As Dooner quickly thought about the situation, he decided to throw a stone into the direction of the floating leg knowing that Gertie loved to fetch.

And there she went – the 18-month-old dog born to fetch, plunged into the ocean and came back swimming with the prosthesis in her mouth as a crowd of people who had gathered on the beach cheered and clapped.

“She saw the splash and dived into the water – it’s her favorite sport. She came back with the only thing that was floating – the woman’s leg,” stated John. “The woman  was delighted to get it back and Gertie is getting a big bone as a reward.”

The elderly German woman had been visiting the area after being stationed at a nearby Castlemartin Army range many years ago. And how we love dogs! Pass it on.

(Photo via Bestinshow.com)

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