Our hearts are breaking for Ryan Gosling’s 16-year-old dog

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For 16-years, Ryan Gosling’s dog has been his constant companion. Ever since George was rescued from an animal shelter, the dog has garnered the public’s eye – including his own Facebook page. According to Yahoo News, however George has been rushed to a veterinarian hospital, and although there has been no reason given, photos show George wrapped in a blanket in Gosling’s arms – Eva Mendes by his side. ryan-goslings-dog

Our hearts are all breaking for Ryan -those of us who have been lucky enough to keep our beloved four-legged companions until they are very old, are also well aware how we feel when our dogs fate grows close. Twitter fans have been reaching out and trying to be strong.

dan “i hope george is ok ryan loves him so much im really about to cry over my faves dog on my god.”

Vicki Notaro “There are pics on the Mail of Ryan Gosling carrying George the dog in to the vets and then leaving without him, now I’m worried.”

The two met in 2000 when Ryan decided to adopt a dog from a shelter. Both became so close, and although we can never be sure what breed George is, he looks like a mixture of many. Funny thing about Ryan though – he shaves George because he is sure the “hairdo” makes his companion more attractive. The two have been inseparable … we hope there is still hope. George’s fate remains unknown.

(Photos of Ryan Gosling and George via YouTube and Facebook)

Check out one of George’s YouTubes:

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  1. Helen Montalvo says:

    Sending prayers to you and your furbaby George
    Please Dear God please wrap your arms around this precious little furbaby of yours please heal him and make him well again so he can go home to his family so he can get lots of love and cuddles and kisses Amen

  2. susispot says:

    16 is a ripe old age for a medium size dog. If his time was at hand, letting him go to the Bridge would be Ryan’s gift to his beloved companion. Parting with one of the family is always sad. Better to rejoice in a life shared, full of love and caring. George is/was a lucky dog. Praying for George until the facts are revealed.


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