Heartless Mumbai man ran over a stray dog for peeing on his tire

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Caught on a video and posted on Facebook, animal advocates are expressing their horror and disgust slamming the Mumbai, India man who ran over a stray dog, reports the India Times. And why? The customer service executive took revenge as he ran over a stray dog for peeing on the tire of his new car.ran-over-dog-cover-2

On the Facebook page, Feed a Stray. Everyday, animal lover Bala Mani described the horrendous act identifying Saurabh Dukhande as the alleged culprit, who reeked out his anger on a dog named Bandya, for picking his leg up on Dukhande’s new car. The post has since gone viral:

“Shameless guy…How can a human being be so cruel to innocent creatures? Just to take a revenge for peeing, he ran over his car on this baby while sleeping. Nowadays people are not leaving animals as well in taking revenge. He resides in Vasai Mumbai. Raised a complaint on him but as usual no action. The dog is suffering the pain and guy is roaming freely without any problem. Please make this guy famous by sharing this message so that some action is taken on him and no more such cruelty happens anywhere.”ran-over-dog

Another animal advocate rushed the dog to a veterinarian hospital in Vasai, however Bandya will need to be transferred to a more specialized facility because of the seriousness of his injuries. It is not known if the dog will survive, and it is possible he will be left paralyzed with a spinal injury and broken legs.

Meet Ashar, Emergency Response Coordinator at PETA India, has filed a report with the Palghar Rural Police and an arrest is expected.

“Will be sending a letter to the employer of the accused about this gruesome act of animal cruelty in the capacity of an Hon. Animal Welfare Officer, appointed by the Animal Welfare Board of India – Government of India,” Ashar wrote on Facebook.saurabh-dukhande

A Change.org petition has been created demanding justice for Bandya and an arrest for Dukhande.

(Photos of ran over the stray dog screenshots of video and Feed a Stray. Everyday)

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  1. Signed the petition, which will not get the justice Bandya deserves. Running over this FAT POS and leaving him in the same shape he left his victim would be justice. How many times have each of us had this happen to our cars, and even had do it, as well as found cat paw print decorations on it in the morning? I’d be wealthy if I had a dollar for every time it happened to me over the years! I love my car, and I drive an Audi now, but it would never occur to me to do one damned thing to one of the culprits! That monster has no conscience, soul, nor any sense of humanity. Locking him up would be justice, but taking him out would be one less walking human cesspool.

  2. Society has become, for the most part, all about ME. If something happens to ME, then I get revenge. My God, how long does it take to spray water on the tire and clean it? It would only take a few seconds and that would be the end of it. This POS deserves to have the same thing done to him that he did to Bandya. I feel so sorry for this poor dog. He didn’t do anything wrong. I pray that he’s not paralyzed but it doesn’t sound too promising that he’s going to be okay.

  3. Get rid of all these mother fuckers who abuse animals I am so sick of this shit this shit is uncalled for … I hope all abusers die!!!!

  4. First of all I think that fat piece of s*** car and take bat bat what the f***and smash the living s*** out of it where you will be able to set it forget about driving then I would take that fat piece of s*** and give him a very very very welcome to visit 825 – 30 foot python that hasn’t eaten in about a week and he goes in the cage by by my friends

  5. We need a vigilante to avenge the animals. Remove people like this from the world. A real life Dexter. Then justice will be served and it won’t ever happen again. Scumbags like this never contribute anything to the world but misery. We’d be better without them.


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