Heartbroken senior dog: Returned 9 years after adoption

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Update: Rescued by Guide Us Home GSD Rescue!

A senior dog has found herself homeless, nine years after she was adopted from an animal services facility in California. The dog, an 11-year-old German shepherd mix named “Nena,” was adopted from the Baldwin Park Animal Services facility on July 5, 2005 – on July 2 of this year she was brought back and surrendered.

The sudden upheaval in this dog’s life has taken a toll…Nena recently had a visitor who noted that the senior dog was so heartbroken that she would not even get up off her her bed.

Nena could use the help of strangers to find a new family to take her in. The Baldwin Park Animal Services facility is busy and unwanted pets are put down for space.

Adoption information:

(photo via Facebook)


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  1. mongibello says:

    Surrendered……no DUMPED.
    I HATE these stories of seniors being dumped. My stomach churns with anger.
    Won’t make any other comment. Prayers.

    • Lani Burch says:

      Nine years ago, my chocolate Lab went to the RB. I was heart broken. A few months later, I spotted a 3 year old, black Lab in Pet Finders. She was only 80 miles from us and loved cats (a necessity here). A week later, we were on our way south with our GSD/Dobe mix, to meet her. They were instant friends. As my husband started to drive away, I turned to her and said, “You’re on your way to your forever home. I promise to love you into eternity”. When we got home, she took one look at the cats and that Labby tail wagged all day. The cats took one look at her and rubbed her legs (while dodging her tail> Penny’s 12 now. She has arthritis in her hips so we have aids to help her in and out of the car. There’s a ramp out our backdoor that my husband put in for me and my walker. She’s figured that out, too. She spends most of her time curled up in her bed, willingly sharing it with the pug we got a few years back. Penny will have that corner and pillow for as long as she needs it – her forever bed.

    • Jan Barnes says:

      Makes my stomach churn to, poor little precious dog, hell won’t be hot enough for the person that gave him up again.

  2. Dennsylvania says:

    Kill shelters should be banned. It’s not her fault her humans are morons. She deservers to live out the rest of her life.

  3. Michele Bickford says:

    I wish I could take her but I live in Sacramento Ca and have my legal limit of dogs we are allowed in the city limits. Please someone please take her into your heart and a loving home!

  4. Frances Birch Magliaro says:

    Note: We don’t know the situation of the owner/owners. Poor baby, Senior of no Senior. We adopted our Akita the day he was due to be put down–But upon adoption we found out that the owner was moving and couldn’t take his beloved pet with him. Once home about 2 months later he had a seizure on us, and just about gave me a heart attack, but we know the owner couldn’t disclose this information when he was dropped off, only because he knew they would probably put him down immediately. We don’t know that this dog didn’t belong to another senior that may have passed and the rest of the family unwilling/unable to take care of her.

    Just saying. Would love to take her home with us, but we can barely afford our own dog right now. If I had my way there would never be unwanted pets.

  5. Frank says:

    I have 5 rescues one cat which I found over ten years ago and three parrots I would never part with any they are like my children that person should never be allowed to adopt again


    We have 3 rescue dogs. The last one we recd couldnt walk, owners hit her, and ger paperwork says killed. The rescue picked her up right before they killed her. She walks now but has issues. She is a great dog!
    Remember in you will to make arrangments for your pets so this wont happen to them.

    • Caroline says:

      Has it not occurred to you that maybe they couldn’t afford to make arrangements in their will or did but the person who said they would have the dog at the time asked couldn’t by time they inherited the dog!

      There are legitimate reasons why you may have to allow an adoption agency take on a pet and not everyone who abandons their dog would do so if there was any other way they could keep it.

      We don’t know the situation behind why this dog has ended back in this situation but we do know she’s going to die there one way or an other unless she’s found a home soon so how about rather than commenting about how terrible the people are who left them you share this until she is found a home.

  7. Beverly Wyatt says:

    Poor Nena, I would love to have her but I live in Texas with two puppies. I don’t have a way to get her here and I am not sure it would be fair to Nena to be around two active puppies.
    Please someone give Nena a loving home.

  8. Karl Keener says:

    Many times we see senior dogs like this surrendered because the owners are ill and can no longer care for their pet or the owner has died and no family member available/willing to take the pet. We also tragically see owners forced to surrender their pets because they simply cannot afford (as opposed to unwilling) to pay for the animal’s impending vet bills. These are all tragic situations which organizations like the Oregon Humane Society are dedicated to addressing.
    Without knowing the circumstances leading to this poor dog’s current circumstances I would not criticize anyone. I encourage everyone to support their local “no kill” animal rescue organizations.

  9. Tom says:

    There is never a reason to dump a pet, never. Do you dump your spouse if you get sick or they you? You can’t afford one anymore, then live under a damn bridge with the pup. You got too sick to care for the pup, boo hoo, you make arrangements for a family member to care for the pup, they won’t then dump the family member and find new friends. There is never, ever a reason to abandon a pup.

  10. Holly Lentz says:

    I would love take her if you can get her to me, I have a female GSD 6 years old and a Female 1 year old Golden, lost my sweet old GSD last fall from old age we live on 4 acres in the country up in Washington state just over the bridge from Portland so not all that far.

    • Karli says:

      You may want to let people know she is available for adoption. When you follow your link and brouse your website all your adoptable dogs are under success stories. People generally do not look there as success stories are usually the stories about adopted dogs. Most people look at either available dogs link (which is not on your page) or as I did , rescued link which has an adopted dog under that. I hope she finds her forever home.

  11. Judy says:

    Senior dogs rock!!! I have adopted 2 seniors. Both dogs were not with me very long, but they had an awesome retirement with lots of adventures. (My fiance has cancer right now, my friends encouraged me to adopt a younger dog last year. Katie is 5. I wanted a senior. Katie lived in a homeless camp under a freeway, so she is loving life now.).
    I support a rescue group that takes in seniors. I donate every month. They have a special area called “The Sugar Shack” where the seniors stay. (Sugar, referring to the white in their faces). When I can afford my own house. I am going to adopt some seniors!!! I hope to have at least 4!
    I hope this girl finds a comforting home for her retirement years. I wish I could take her in.

  12. Sandra says:

    We adopted a senior dog in 2005. He looked to be needing hospice, not a home. But we were willing to do hospice, AND give him a home. He was basically a “free dog” from the county animal shelter. Because of his health, and that he had been a frequent customer (run away).

    We did take him back to the shelter, several times, all prearranged appointments and all through the FRONT, customer/visitor door too! First was to let them all know he was not on hospice. Then afterwards there were some PR visits and some, bringing comfort to the staff and officers.

    We did one last farewell visit when we started to do hospice care for him, seven years after he first came home with us. And that’s the only way a senior dog ought to go to a shelter — as a visitor!

  13. Lisa Fierro says:

    The shelter wont read these posts, you HAVE to contact the shelter directly!

    Adoption information:

    Petharbor link here
    NENA – ID#A3390750
    Facebook thread here
    Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
    All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal control agency

  14. Lisa F. says:

    The Baldwin Park Animal Services facility is busy and unwanted pets are put down for space.

    PLEASE contact Los Angeles County Animal Control directly if you or someone you know can help!! (626)962-3577

  15. Jean says:

    I’m sorry but it bothers me to read all the comments about the owners. Maybe the dog was “dumped” but we don’t know the situation. I have a friend who’s will makes accommodations for her dogs to go to a very specific rescue should she pass as she has no family to take them in. Maybe it was a move, an illness or a death. Maybe they left devastated. They could just be poor pet parents but it’s not always the case so instead of bashing them – just do what you can to find a home that can afford and love her.

    • Judy says:

      She was rescued. She has her own FB page. Sounds like she is super mellow, probably had lived outside, doesn’t know a lot of commands, and will be in her foster home until they find a forever home for her. She will be fine.

      • Filsan moge says:

        Hi judy
        How is Nena
        What is her face book page
        Please update us. We care so much about Nena. My heart break she is survival. My prayers for her

  16. Tami Matthews says:

    I understand that to well. We had our black lab for 13 years, he was about 4 when we got him. Bubba was so severely beaten on so many occasions that his front left shoulder & HIS back right hip were broken on desperate beatings. He was skin & bones & WHEN we brushed him the first time it took over an hour & we got what looked like a whole dog off him. He lived a well loved life for 13 years. We are magnets for throw a ways, we are so blessed. We got our Munch after his siblings were drowned, he alone survived, we got our Frisky off the street, we got our Zac the day he was supposed to be killed at r the shelter,we got our Angel after she was thrown from a car driving past our vets doing 40 miles per hour and she was only 2 weeks old, we got our Shadow from someone who RESCUED him from a parking lot after he’d been there over a month and last but not least we got our Grace who was wandering down the road starved & what we didnt know until we took he to get spade pregnant. We are still blessed to have Shadow & Grace, all our other babies are waiting for us in heaven.


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