Heartbroken and scared: How a blind, nearly deaf senior pup is left at a shelter

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UPDATE #2: Rocky has been rescued by Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary.

“Meet Rocky! Just escaped the Lancaster Shelter thanks to many people working hard to ensure he would have a better life. Rocky is completely blind and going deaf, so the shelter was a very scary place. He seems to be relaxing now.” Rocky rescued

UPDATE: According to a volunteer who interacted with Rocky, the following comments were made on social media. Please continue to share this dog’s plight.  A request has been made for his temperament test.

“After visiting Rocky again today, I can confirm his hearing is better than his eyesight. He responded a few times to the sound of my voice. He also allowed me to pet him and even offered a few kisses!”

In Lancaster, California, Rocky’s life does matter. An eight-year-old male pup with sores all over his body, and a dog who barely wants to lift his head was unceremoniously surrendered on July 27, and no one has offered to come to his rescue. His family moved away; tragically Rocky wasn’t invited.Rocky A49777142

Sure Rocky is older, and yes, Rocky looks as if he has lived a terribly neglected life, but volunteers and staff have dubbed him quite the favorite. His description includes the following:

“The staff/volunteers here at the animal care center have found that I spend time indoors and outdoors. I seem to be good with small children. I am house trained. I am learning how to walk on a leash. I seem to get along well with dogs.”

Other volunteers who have personally interacted with Rocky state he is calm, sweet and extremely mellow. With vetting, a bath, good food and a soft place to sleep, Rocky will most likely shine.

Follow Rocky’s Facebook page by clicking here. Follow his adoption listing here.  ID#A4977714. “My name is Rocky and I’m an approximately 8 year old male pit bull.  I am not yet neutered.  I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since July 27, 2016.  I am available on July 27, 2016.  You can visit me at my temporary home at L133.”Rocky A4977714

Who can imagine anyone having their dog as a partner for nearly a decade and then dumping him at a shelter, but it happens much too often. Please share Rocky’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. If Rocky can be fostered, his life can be spared. Sharing saves lives.

Please call the shelter at 661.940.4191 if you are interested in adopting Rocky. When interested in adopting a “dominant breed” (Pit/Rott./Mastiff/Chow/Sharpei), ask to be transferred to the Lancaster shelter directly to “request a temperament evaluation” for the purpose of adoption (required prior to adoption on dominant breeds). If you are local adopter (within CA/reasonable distance to come in to adopt), you can do this over the phone (you will be an “IP”/interested party).

The Lancaster, CA shelter is located at 5210 W. Ave. I, Lancaster, CA 93536. (661) 940-4191).

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  1. dianaroby02 says:

    Please read this article about Rocky, a blind and deaf (partially?) senior pit bull named Rocky that was dumped at a shelter and has been there for about two weeks and no one has expressed serious interest. He needs our help to get out of this very high kill shelter. Because he is a dominate breed, he will need a temperament test. That needs to be requested by the person and/or rescue group He will need a experienced foster home, pledges and a rescue group to oversee his care until a furever home can be found. He’s very depressed and needs someone that can help him heal, physically as well as mentally. Please, someone iin the L.A. area, step up to foster him and literally save his life.

  2. Heather says:

    Please help rocky . I am in Canada and they won’t let me adopt .os there a rescue that can help me ! I have this breed I save many lives . Please help me to help him he’s soo scared . Please how do I get help ..

  3. Heather says:

    I replied and someone deleted me me .i want to help this poor baby . I need to know how to get rescues .. Please let me help

  4. Ed Sardegna says:

    Please allow one of the other people that has asked to save this boy to save him. If not, I am in FL and want to save this poor, sweet boy!!!

  5. Heather says:

    I did call the shelter and tgey said no because I need to be there in person !! Please I will help anyone there to rescue him .. Please


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