Heartbreaking puppy mill reject rescued at auction

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In the heartbreaking reality of puppy mills, a two-year-old Beagle identified as #75 by a tag tied around her neck with a rope, was rescued on Saturday from an auction in Missouri by Lil’ Rascals Refuge. Of the 100 worst breeders identified by the Humane Society in its “Horrible Hundred 2015” report, 23 were based in Missouri. Lucy the beagle cover

Meet Lucy … her rescuers, 19-year-old Alyssa Rycerz, and her 17-year-old sister Brandy shared on the organization’s Facebook page the dog’s state of mind:

“So let’s ask her, shall we?? Hey #75, what is it like to be so terrified, so hurt, so horribly scared you tremble in fear, sitting in your own urine? So scared and ashamed you bury your head, in fear? in shame? At only 2 years old, what is it be like to be so afraid to be touched, when someone touches you, poop leaks out of your behind. This and more is what #75 is going through today.”

Watch Lucy’s  first encounter with humans again:


Lucy spent her first day and her first night in foster care shivering in the corner. She ate when no one was looking. Lucy the beagle 6 The next morning she continued to cower in fear; imagine any dog feeling man’s betrayal 24/7 in a cage kept exclusively to be bred and when no longer needed either sold to another breeder or killed.

On Tuesday, Lucy’s number was removed, her overgrown nails were trimmed, and she was carefully and gently bathed; her face visibly scarred  by her tears. Lucy the beagle 5 Anytime anyone comes near her, Lucy thinks she is going to be touched and tries to cower further into the corner. The furrows on her forehead  reflect her fear and confusion. Lucy’s life has changed; although it might take weeks, months or even years to rehabilitate this sweet dog, she will never suffer again.

Two more Beagles were saved that day, and have been successfully transferred to safety. This particular puppy mill is now out of business; how many more dogs just like Lucy still are suffering?

Don’t shop when you can adopt. Lucy the Beagle 7Donations to help Lucy and other dogs needing help from Lil’ Rascals Refuge located in Thorp, Wisconsin can be made here or here.




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  1. Jeez, just WHEN are these torture mills going to be banned nation-wide.
    Shout about them on national TV in all the press and on social networks everywhere.

    • Our local rescue has been trying to shut down the puppy mills around here for years, many of them operated by the Amish. Every time they are successful getting one put out of business our local governments see fit to give a license to a new one. Protesting, petitions don’t beat out the all mighty dollar (I assume they have the politicians in their pockets). When you see a sweet Beagle like this so scared it just kills me. As the Mommy of a Beagle named Clover, I know how sweet these dogs are and certainly don’t deserve to be treated in a way that they are frightened to death! I’m surprised that New York State only has 3 mills on the list, I guess we are doing a better job than I thought. I pray Lucy learns that humans aren’t all bad and has a long life filled with the love she deserves.

  2. How wonderful these 2 loving sisters are giving this lovely young girls a chance at a normal live and loving, caring home!!!! They are the BACKBONE of AMERICA”S next Generation!!!!

  3. Puppy mills exist because people are amounted by purebred puppies. The reprehensible.business called the AKC fuels this misery. The millions they haul in from the breeding members is what motivates them to fight against any and all proposed legislation to protect animals. The AKC should be shut down for a start along with all puppy mills.


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