Heartbreaking photo of Montreal pet owner training dog to wear muzzle

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Ask Erika Ashley Matta, who lives in Laval, Quebec City Canada how her dog named Lucky has reacted to the news of Tuesday’s legislation when Montreal City Council voted to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs.

The photo of Lucky has been shared thousands of times as Erika recalls back to 2007 when she adopted what is believed to be a Labrador retriever and pit bull mix from the SPCA when the dog was barely a year-old.

“No more playing ball in a park or running around catching sticks,” stated Erika. “She has been through so much and now at her senior age she sure doesn’t deserve to be muzzled. Today as I went to Mondou to go see what size muzzle Lucky would need to wear,we encountered a lady who was scared of dogs but was really enjoying petting Lucky; she said she is such a sweet dog.”

When the woman asked why Erika was purchasing a muzzle, the woman started to cry and told the cashier how unfair this new ruling was for dogs. As does everyone who can think beyond knee-jerk reactions, one should punish the neglectful dog owners  – not the dogs.

“There are good-hearted people out there, and a lot of people on our side to fight for the right of our dogs, and I hope we can accomplish something because having to see my dog wear a muzzle and cower down the way she is in this picture sure breaks my heart,” reflected Erika.  “At 9 years old she should be enjoying her life the best she can. She doesn’t understand why she has to wear this weird thing on her mouth, and to her it’s not a positive thing. We are trying to make positive but in the end the dog is not happy wearing it.”

On Wednesday, the Montreal SPCA stated it is waging a legal challenge against the city over the ban on pit bull type dogs. According to Global News, the organization has filed documents at the courthouse hoping to suspend the application of some sections of the new law alleging those that specifically target pit bulls are discriminatory and contrary to Quebec’s animal-welfare laws. On Thursday, the SPCA will appear in court and ask a judge to suspend the application of the provisions that pertain to pit bull type dogs pending a lawsuit containing arguments to overturn the new bylaw.

“We urgently filed a lawsuit against the city of Montreal,” Alanna Devine, director of animal advocacy for the Montreal SPCA, said. “The argument is that there are serious legal issues with the bylaw, there is serious prejudice or harm that will occur and that it’s irreparable.”

More news to come – the fight isn’t over yet. Read more about the legislation here.

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  1. There is NO reason for a dog that has never caused any trouble to have to wear a muzzle JUST because of their breed! This it disgusting and Montreal should be ashamed of themselves believing that this “law” is just! I will continue to sign petitions and do all I can to stop this BS!

  2. This new law is total garbage. It was passed as a knee jerk reaction in response to the mauling death of a woman (I think it was a woman) by a BOXER. In fact, there has NEVER been a mauling death by any pit bull in Montreal, only by Huskies and this Boxer! Yet THIS law singles out pits and pit type dogs! You just can’t make this type of ignorance up. The mayor who wanted this law, and the idiots on the council who passed it, should be congratulated for being the biggest a*****s in Canada, as well as some of the most ignorant, vile, evil, knee jerk reactionary turds ever to run any jurisdiction. Let’s hope they’re able to undo this awful law before it takes effect.

  3. NationalPitBullVictimAwareness.org

    Muzzles would have saved babies and children and adults and animals from pit bull maulings.

    Muzzled pit bulls mean the owners still have them.

    People killed by pit bulls are DEAD, GONE, BURIED, TORTURED, SUFFERED.

    Pit owners were not stopping pit bull attacks or muzzling or doing anything to prevent pit bull attacks.

    Bravo, Montreal!

    • Spoken as a true NationalPitBullVictimAwareness.org / dogsbite.org groupie! The strange thing about this is the dog that mauled the woman to death and started all this madness in Montreal wasn’t even a “Pit Bull type dog”. It was registered as a Boxer. BSL doesn’t work, dog owners that own the vicious dogs causing the “mauling” not being able to own pit bulls any more will move on to Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds and any other dogs that if treated irresponsibly will do the same as the maligned “Pit Bull type dog”. BSL is not the answer, holding irresponsible dog owners accountable is the answer. Dogs that have not caused any problems shouldn’t need to wear a muzzle, I don’t care what breed they are!

      • I live in Indiana I can foster I live ten acres in woods all pets have ASPCA pet insurance. Can u move?!

  4. My beautiful, sweet, companion, could have been a service dog was torn apart by pit bulls. Pit bulls deserve muzzle and euthanasia because pit bulls killed thousands of sweet animals every year.

    • I’m sorry you had that experience, no one should have to suffer a loss like that, but any dog could have done that to your dog. I have German Shepherds and am responsible enough to keep my dogs away from possible harming any other dog. Blaming a whole breed for your loss is like blaming every police officer for a death by one irresponsible police officer or a whole race of people for the deeds of one! If you are going to say all “Pit Bull type dogs” need to be muzzled, then “ALL” dogs should be muzzled as well!

  5. What is “heartbreaking” about a dog wearing a muzzle? The dog has no idea what it is for, it’s like wearing a collar or a harness! It does not hurt. It causes no pain. It protects others, human being and pets alike.Heartbreak is for the humans that own the dog. How would they feel if their dogs were responsible for the killing/mauling/amputation of a child? Now that would be heartbreaking. This article is pandering to the stupid among us. I am embarrassed that I clicked on it. Shame on you for this kind of, and I use the term loosely, “reporting”.

    • If I had a dog that could possibly harm another dog, I would be the first to put a muzzle on him/her and take precautions to make sure they never were able to harm anyone or thing.. I have a female German Shepherd that wears a muzzle because she chases her tail and damages it. Now people seeing her in the muzzle have asked me how many people she has bitten. NEVER has she bitten anyone, but the muzzle makes people think she is vicious. Dogs that have been family pets for years and have caused absolutely NO problems shouldn’t have to wear a muzzle because of the breed they are. I guess I am one of the “stupid” among us that does think it’s heartbreaking to have to do this to your dog for no reason!

  6. Sorry, but real heartbreak is when I read about another innocent 2 year old was killed by 2 family Pit Bulls in Kansas this week. Keep breeding these monsters ghetto dogs and pray they never attack your kids.

  7. Muzzles are NOT inhumane! People need to start training them the right way and quit being such jerks about it. The dogs don’t know what’s going on. If you want to walk your dog take the time NOW to train that a Muzzle is a ‘good’ thing.
    The sky is not falling.

  8. Ridicule, museler un chien qui n’a rien à se reprocher, c’est d’une barbarie. Pourquoi ne coupe t’on pas les mains des assassins qui eux sont vraiment des monstres. Quel gouvernement de merde.


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