Heartbreaking: Bonded dogs tried to re-enter home of dead owner

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In a heartbreaking story, two bonded dogs haven’t been able to understand why they can’t go back to their Goose Bay, Quebec home. When their devoted human suddenly passed away, five-year-old Kelly and her two-year-old daughter were both left homeless; no one in the family stepped forward to help the dogs.spca-goosebay

According to the SPCA Goosebay,  Kelly, a five-year-old Newfoundland, and Saggy, a two-year-old believed to have been crossed with a golden retriever, were initially being cared for by the organization’s vice president  Bonnie Learning.  CBCNews reports the dogs had been clearly upset and tried desperately to get back into the door of their home to find their “person.”

“They are very sweet girls and love to get lots of cuddles and tons of attention. Kelly is a bit reserved when first meeting someone, but will warm up to you. Saggy is not as shy when first meeting you. We do not know right now if they are spayed etc….also someone able to speak French would be an asset but not a must, the organization posted on their Facebook page.

It’s important that Kelly and Saggy are kept together. They are both very well-behaved and respond better to French than English. The two sleep together and curl up to stay close.

“I think if they lost each other, they would go through just as much depression as what they did when they lost their owner,” stated SPCA worker Florence Dickers.

Please share their story; the dogs are going through such upheaval in their lives, it would really help if they had a compassionate and loving home together. If interested in meeting Kelly and Saggy, contact the organization by clicking here.

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(Photos via SPCA Happy Valley Goose Bay/

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  1. Please dont worry about speaking french to them…I have adopted french speaking dogs before and they soon learn English …it is the tone of your voice that it imortant.
    Assis – for sit
    Ici – for come here are good starters
    Coucher or se couche – for go to bed
    Good luck sweehearts…wish I was closer

  2. Those are some fine kids they raised……always shocked when a family member won’t take on their parents most beloved possession….but I bet they’ll take the money they left them, if there was any…oh and the house and the car and any other assets..great kids..karma’s a bitch-watch for it..it will come


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