Heartbreaking blind pup running into kennel cage walls

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At the San Bernardino City Shelter, a five-year-old, blind Cocker spaniel is in need of emergency help. She is very frightened in her kennel as she waits so cold and alone; the blind pup described as running into the kennel cage walls. The staff and volunteers agree she is just precious and call her “the giver of love.” No one knows how a blind dog ended up as a “stray,” but someone let her down.blind-angel-2

Shelter volunteer Andrea Chisholm interacted with the very friendly pooch:

“This blind, sweet, neglected, darling little angel needs some immediate help. ” …this little one is about 5ish. Her whole body wiggles when she hears kennel staff coming! She keeps running into her water bowl and getting herself wet, or running into the kennel walls,” stated Andrea asking that advocates come together and share this little one’s story to help her find a suitable rescue situation.

A Facebook page with PetConnectUs, can be followed here. Her PetHarbor link is available here. “I am a female, black and tan Cocker Spaniel mix. I have been at the shelter since Dec 14, 2016.” For more information about this animal, call San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304. Ask for information about animal ID number A500291. blind-angel-3

The dog is classified as “rescue only.” The shelter notes she has a mammary tumor which is most likely a result of having been over-bred and neglected – perhaps from a backyard breeder. Additional Facebook pages with information can be found here and here. For more information, please contact the San Bernardino City Shelter. Phone: 909-384-1304 (*you will reach the call center and must ask to be put through to the shelter), Address: 333 Chandler Pl., San Bernardino, California 92408. The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday.

(Photos of blind pup via Andrea Chisholm)

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