Dog takes a tumble out of vehicle window

Heart-stopping video shows dog tumble out of moving vehicle

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A heart-stopping dashcam video shows the moment that a small white dog tumbles from an open window of an SUV. According to Thursday’s WREG News, the frightening incident took place on Interstate 70 in Colorado on Tuesday.

Erica Robles Kannely utilized Facebook to show the dangers of having windows down with dogs inside – she wrote:

Oh wow! My heart is beating so fast after watching this video that Mike caught while driving on the highway today! This could have been so much worse!! Please share so people can see how dangerous it is to let our dogs look out the window!

Amazingly, despite the dramatic tumble, the dog apparently is okay. The SUV quickly pulled to the shoulder and stopped and against all odds, no cars on the interstate struck the dog.

Many people allow their dogs to enjoy an open window, not realizing that tragedy could strike if the dog loses balance, or decides to jump. Thankfully, in this instance, the outcome did not end in serious injury, or death.

(Video via Kannely/Facebook/WREG)

Dashcam video shows dog jumping out of moving SUV on busy interstate

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  1. maxiemom says:

    Thank God that dog is okay! I’ve seen so many idiots do the exact same thing, or allow their dogs to ride in the back of their truck while standing on the side looking out. One sudden stop and out they go to a very probable and painful death. That’s why I’d never chance it. I did have a border collie who was smart enough to open the car windows, and I was very grateful for those child proof locks….

  2. Daniel Clarkson. says:

    The real issue isn’t about having the window(s) open. It’s about having your dog(s), cat(s), or other animals unrestrained in the vehicle, or on the back as circumstances dictate. Over the years that I have had animals that need to moved in my car, I’ve always used a proper harness, cage or other barrier that prevents my beloved and valuable animals from gaining access to a window. A proper dog harness is easy to fit to your dog, and uses a seat belt to secure them properly.

  3. BrendaMinarik says:

    They need supervision just like a CHILD this is directed to you, the JUDGE that said pets weren’t your children and you shouldn’t treat them as such .Came from a Canadian Judge what was his name apparently he doesn’t have any!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????

  4. Dino Myers says:

    This dog is NOT OK. He clearly has a limp and who knows if there are internal injuries. This was a high speed accident. The person who exited them vehicle to get the dog certainly wasn’t running over or showing concern. Hope they took him to a vet for evaluation. Poor little pup.

    • linda says:

      Let’s hope he was taken to the vets. But the video clearly shows the dog’s owner heading toward the dog while it was running to it’s owner.

  5. Diane says:

    Aw I hope he going to be find I hope some one toke him to the vets when they get this person I hope he or she will get life in jail


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