GTS Husky Rescue begging for help to save dog with broken pelvis

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GTS Husky Rescue, located in Jupiter, Florida is a 501 (c)3 which specializes in saving Arctic dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. However, they will open their rescue to other dog breeds if space allows.  They are 100 % volunteer run and will travel anywhere in the United States to rescue Huskies from high kill shelters.

Recently, Palm Beach, Florida Animal Control reached out to GTS pleading with them to take in a German Shepherd/Husky mix that had been brought to their shelter starved and with a broken pelvis.  Apparently, the dog had been hit by a car.  Rebecca Booden of GTS Husky rescues states they did not hesitate for a second to make the decision as it was the right thing to do.They named the dog Noel and made a commitment to save her life even with the high cost involved making her well again. To get Noel healthy again, she will need surgery as well as a lengthy recovery stay at the veterinarian hospital.

Although Noel has been through so much pain and suffering, she is a sweet, affectionate dog who loves to give kisses even when she is in extreme pain.  After her surgery and recovery, she will go to the GTS Husky Rescue ranch in Jupiter, Florida where she will stay until she gets adopted.  She, like the other dogs at GTS Husky Rescue, will be vetted, fully trained, fed quality food and exercised daily by the volunteers.

A fundraiser has been set up for Noel’s surgery and recovery costs. GTS is asking everyone who can help to please donate to Noel’s care.  She, like all other rescue dogs knows she has been saved and is so appreciative.

According to GTS Husky Rescue:

“They are committed to rescuing the dogs that are broken, blind, hit by cars, suffering from torture or hoarding situations, starved, neglected, and abused. These dogs have no voice so they need our help and the help of rescuers like GTS Husky Rescue.”

Please visit Noel’s Fundraiser page and contribute towards her care.

(Photo of husky rescue courtesy of GT Husky Rescue)


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