Groomer at vet clinic accused of kicking, injuring dog

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A dog who was taken to a veterinary clinic in Iowa City, Iowa, suffered serious injuries during a grooming session, reported Friday’s KCRG News. The man accused of causing the injuries has been identified as 22-year-old Lucas Van Orden IV – a, now former, employee at the veterinary center.

Orden is facing a citation for animal neglect for the incident on the morning of July 9 which left a Corgi named “Jasper,” with multiple injuries, including fractured ribs, bruised lungs, and subcutaneous emphysema. According to WCNC News, Jasper’s owners could see that something was terribly amiss as soon as they picked their dog up from the Creature Comfort Veterinary Center.

The dog’s behavior was concerning enough that he was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital where he was diagnosed with serious injuries and admitted for several days.

Orden confessed to the cruel behavior, telling the authorities that he had kicked Jasper during a grooming session. The veterinary center dismissed Orden from his job after learning about the concerning allegations.

(Photo screenshot via KCRG News)

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  1. Or those very brave thing you did to that exciting very vicious dog or taking him as a reward I will buy a pair of steel-toed shoes and kick your f****** head in with them until you cannot see or breathe or move you low-life piece of s*** why do they not screen people that are hired to work with animals

  2. There seems to be a lot of this going on lately! What could this dog have done to deserve such treatment? If you can’t handle grooming a dog you have no business even being in the business. This thug better be paying all the vet bills, as should Creature Comfort Veterinary Center. They are responsible for people’s pets while in their care and nothing like this should EVER happen.

  3. Wow The family takes their Pet to a PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL to be Groomed and look what the HELL happens!!!! Thankfully they took Jasper to another VETERINARY CLINIC for Emergent Care!!!! This ” Worthless Scum Bag” needs to be charged with far harsher Charges than “Animal Neglect”” the Bastard could have easily KILLED this poor little dog!!!

  4. How did these places keep hiring these Psychopaths do they not care do they not check he needs to do jail time and never be around animals again. Who will he do something to next you will be hearing about him again

  5. Firing this jerk from his job is not enough! He needs some hard jail time and a huge fine for his evil behavior. The vet clinic should have to pay a huge fine or be shut down for hiring such assholes.

  6. He was issued a citation. I would sue for animal cruelty, vet bills and pain and suffering. This man deserves to have a record that follows him for the rest of his life.

  7. Are we to assume that the “veterinary care center” will be covering ALL related veterinary and care expenses… AND compensating this aggrieved family for their suffering at the hands of their “former employee”?…

  8. This ex-employee (so conveniently dismissed) did the crime while on duty, on the Company’ time, gainfully employed by the Creature Comfrot Veterinary Ctr in Iowa City, Iowa. And his employer is off the hook? And this 22 –year- old criminal is facing a CITATION only? The same citation like for public urination? Tell me it is not happening.

  9. This Mother Fucking Bastard has no fucking compassion for animals what so ever and I would have sued his ass for a lot of money and then let him have what he did to the corgi named Jasper.


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