Grievously wounded dog, looking for help, chased off with hose

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On Sunday morning, heartbreaking information was released about a grievously wounded dog who suffered callous, if not cruel, treatment before he was picked up by animal control in Hinesville, Georgia. The dog, dubbed “Niko,” was apparently looking for a kind hand when he wandered up to a resident’s home on Saturday night.

A sad Facebook post recounts what transpired:

This poor old boy was brought into AC last night after a resident of Hinesville called 911 and AC was dispatched …but before the call for help was made they tried to chase him off with a water hose.. This poor baby obviously came for help and is being chased away again … I just can’t wrap my head around how cruel and heartless people are … This dog was limping very badly and bleeding …

Niko was in so much pain that he was impossible to handle or load…a veterinarian was able to sedate him enough to be transported, but before he was even to the veterinary hospital, he began failing…seizing so badly that he had to be humanely euthanized.

The full depth of Niko’s misery was discovered later – he had been beaten and shot.


The heartbreaking Facebook post ends with a plea for people to look around and see what is happening to the innocent souls around them…

What is wrong with people …how can anybody be so cruel and heartless …

This post is not about us being there or trying to help .. Just to get people to see what’s happening around them.


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