Graphic update of viral Snapchat video of dog lit on fire

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The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office have found the owner of the dog in the disturbing viral video posted on social media showing a seemingly dead dog being desecrated and lit on fire. On Monday, Sheriff Parnell McNamara stated the dog belonged to a woman in China Spring, Texas. Hewitt Police originally began the investigation, however the incident occurred in China Springs.

The video originally appeared on Snapchat, and the account was reported as belonging to a Midway High School graduate. As the disturbing video continued to circulate more than two million times through social media, a man came forward stating his dog had run away after slipping its collar while chasing a squirrel at Cameron Park on Saturday.

According to News10, the sheriff’s office interviewed two teenage boys who told the sheriff they accidentally hit the dog with their vehicle off of Rock Creek Road and left the scene. When they later returned, they loaded the dog into the back of their truck and went to a party – the dead dog left in the rear of the truck. After the party, the boys returned to the area and videoed their sick mutilation. Shell casings have also been removed from the scene.

In the video, the dog looks as if he is dead – the boys placed firecrackers in the dog’s anus and mouth and then ignited the body. The investigation continues. Read the prior story here.

The video has since been removed from Facebook.

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(Photo via the Snapchat video)


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  1. and what is being done about this? even if they are not lying about the dog being dead with what they didn’t i wouldn’t be surprised if they hit the dog on purpose.. and lighting it on fire and all that they have some sick sick thinking and whos next

  2. These people are extremely dangerous. What they do to poor helpless animals is unbearably cruel and they are sick people
    .they should be in jail or next they won’t be happy with hurting animals,,ext it will be our children.

  3. OMG!!!! Those brats are out of control and the parents are just as bad as the brats. This is where the law needs to step in and find them now. Those evil POS will grow up to be the next group of serial killers. EVIL EVIL…..that poor poor dog.


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