Good Samaritans rescue 2 poodle puppies from hot car in Michigan mall

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In a video posted on Facebook showing a crowd of people at a shopping mall in Taylor, Michigan, Good Samaritans and security personnel came to the rescue of two tiny puppies left locked in a stifling hot vehicle on Friday evening, reported FoxNews. Poodle puppies rescued cover

As the mall shoppers at Southland Center Mall waited for police to show up for more than an hour, one man felt it was too serious of a situation as the four-month-old poodles panted heavily in the vehicle. The good Samaritan grabbed a golf club and broke the window. The dehydrated puppies were immediately removed and given water and cooled down. Lenny Hall, the director of Taylor Animal Control, now has custody of the puppies. They have since been named Mister and Sassy.Poodle puppies rescued 1

The woman supposedly caring for the puppies was arrested. She had been inside of the mall having her nails done. Custody of the dogs has been signed over to Animal Control. The woman’s name has not been released.

“These dogs, they could’ve been dead 10 minutes later. So the people that stepped up and got them out .. I give them all the credit in the world,” stated Hall. Poodle puppies rescued 2

Bridgette Talley-Manners videoed the situation beginning as she peered into the windows of the vehicle. Later she posted the video to Facebook – feeling so frightened for the little black pup who just looked up at her and panted heavily. Initially her boyfriend tried to break into the car with his elbow, but had been unsuccessful.

” I think she needs to spend some time in jail. I really personally think she should be handcuffed and put in the car for two hours with the windows up … nothing to drink, nothing to eat,” Bridgette posted. Poodle puppies rescued 4

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(Photos and video courtesy of Bridgette Talley Manners via Facebook. No portion of this article can be rewritten without the permission of Pet Rescue Report.)

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9 replies
  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    THANKS TO THE SECURITY AND PATRONS OF THE MALL (not the DIVA who had possession ) of these TWO very lucky pups !!! THEY BOTH are alive!!!! Someone should pull this DIVA”S nails off to the QUICK and let her feel the same pain those little dog were starting to feel while they WERE COOKING to DEATH!!!

  2. Tina Scott says:

    Painting your finger nails more Important than taking care of your puppies. Jail time. Five years mandatory. 5000 fine due to rescue that has them and 2500 to pet rescue. 5000 fine to state

  3. virginia green says:

    make her pay to feed and take care of her dogs at the shelter and also lock her in a hot car and let her see how it felt locked in the car for has long has her 2 babys were.

  4. Lois Colison says:

    What took so long for the police to respond ??? Over 1 HOUR! Thank goodness the good Samaritans cared enough to act when they had to!

  5. Jennie Brennan says:

    We need to start publicly shamming these people, put their names out there, there pictures so that they can be held accountable..


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