Goliath, gentle giant at high kill shelter

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Update: Rescued!

A picture paints a thousand words and the photo of Goliath, a seven year old Pit Bull/English Bulldog at the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles, California says it all. With his head down and his nose pointed to the ground he is the picture of a defeated spirit, a face you see in countless shelters around the world.

When Goliath first arrived at the Baldwin Park Shelter, he had no energy and appeared to have been severely neglected.  His hair was matted, he suffered from a horrible skin condition, and he just sat and stared at the wall as though trying to make himself invisible. Unfortunately, dogs like Goliath are easily overlooked at overcrowded shelters. With so many other dogs to choose from people are most likely to pass him by.

But longtime shelter volunteer, Elaine Seamans saw something special in Goliath. She knew he needed someone to trust, someone to spend extra time with him and get to know the dog under the matted fur and downcast eyes, to treat him with patience and provide  him the love all dogs deserve.

When working with Goliath she discovered he is a quiet and gentle soul that loves people.  He showed a trusting nature by allowing her to lift his lip to check his teeth and coming to her when called.  He takes treats gently and likes to be kissed on his big head. Although Goliath is a gentle giant with people, he is not good with other dogs. This has earned him the label “dog aggressive” which means he can only go to a rescue with a waiver signed.

But despite all he has been through and his physical handicaps, Goliath is an inspiration. He has difficulty with his back legs which tend to give out on him when walking or taking treats. But this determined dog is not going to be kept down. He just gets right back up and keeps trying. When Goliath is in his kennel his head hangs down, he trembles and moves slowly. But when he gets out to the play yard he is completely transformed. He wags his tail and pulls excitedly on the leash.

Elaine has captured Goliath’s personality in two videos.



The power of love and a gentle touch have already worked wonders on this once despondent dog but he urgently needs a rescue to come forward to save him from an inevitable death.

But Elaine is not going to give up on Goliath despite all of his health issues. She expressed this in her own personal statement saying “Once a dog looks into my eyes they are in my heart. I feel like if I don’t work hard to save them then I’m failing them. So I can’t give up on him. It would destroy me if he did not make it out. And I can’t let that happen.”

Rescue groups can contact the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter at 626-430-2378 and refer to Goliath by his ID number A4337722.

The At-Choo Foundation has stepped up and offered to help pay for Goliath’s medical care which will be beneficial to any rescue that takes him.

If you would like to be part of Goliath’s miracle please send donations via Paypal to KINDNESS@AT-CHOOFOUNDATION.ORG. All donations are 100% tax deductible.








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