Golden retriever found with gunshot wound and dragging trap

Golden retriever found shot and dragging trap on leg

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A golden retriever, with no form of identification, was recently discovered with his leg in a trap and a gunshot wound. The dog, dubbed “Chance,” was found by a good Samaritan and he is currently recovering from his wounds at the Lorain County Animal Emergency Center in Ohio.

On November 12, the veterinary hospital wrote:

Please help us find his owners. Found in Sheffield/Lorain area. “Campito” approximately 2-3 yr old male Golden retriever. He was found dragging a foot trap that was attached to his front leg. It also appears that his rear leg is very infected. The lorain dog warden brought him to the Lorain County Animal Emergency Center. He is currently being evaluated and started on pain medications and antibiotics. He will need additional care and possibly surgery. This is the sweetest dog, for as much pain as he must be in, he has never offered to bite.

The veterinary hospital updated worried Facebook followers about the injured dog on Sunday:

X-rays showed that he has been shot in the left rear leg. Due to the severity of these injuries that limb will need to be amputated. He left front leg that was found with the foot trap has had some vascular compromise. As of right now he will need to have one toe amputated. We will closely monitor the remaining digits for blood flow. He is far from out of the woods.

As of Sunday, the owners of this dog had not yet been located. Anyone who recognizes this dog is asked to call  Lorain County Animal Emergency Center 440-240-1400.

Funds for Chance’s care are being collected at a GoFundMe account – click here to read more.

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  1. maxiemom says:

    Whoever shot this dog needs to be found, put in this trap, and treated accordingly. It would be one less vile piece of vermin walking around this earth.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    This is just plain Bull that traps are even allowed in this country !!! Children out playing can so easily get caught too.. In Casper , Wy. a family was out walking their St Bernard’s and I am not sure if it was 3 but I know that two were immediately Killed with a trap that could not be released without having plyers with you … How the hell walks their dogs with plyers in hand…. This is legal for trappers to do. There were not signs posted and this was close to a housing development… Yes it is legal……


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