German shepherd’s head stuck beneath fence

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Working to free trapped German shepherd

A German shepherd in West Sacramento, California, found himself in a tight spot after managing to get his head completely wedged beneath a solid fence. The owner of the dog was undoubtedly frightened after discovering the dog trapped and unable to move.

Fortunately, help was to be had from the West Sacramento Fire Department, who was called out to help free the dog from the frightening situation. On July 14, the Facebook page for the department uploaded a video of the rescue effort, along with a brief description:

Engine 44 responded this morning to a report of a dog trapped in a fence. Engine 44 arrived on scene to find this German Shepherd in a tight spot. With the owners assistance E44 worked quickly to free the trapped animal. Crews were happy to report there were no injuries and the dog is happy and healthy.

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Sweet freedom

The rescue video has been widely popular – already shared over 1.6 million times. No word on how the dog managed to get himself caught beneath the fence…curiosity, or perhaps chasing after one of those ever-elusive, all-so-enticing, squirrels.

(Photos via West Sacramento Fire Department Facebook page)

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