German shepherd found dead after being stolen from farm

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A German shepherd was found dead after someone took her from a breeder’s farm in Saco, Maine. The dog, named “Uhdelle,” was stolen from Timber Ridge Farm on Monday morning. Uhdelle’s owner, Doreen Metcalf, told the Press Herald that she has “no idea” why someone would have taken the five-year-old dog and driven away.

What is known of Uhdelle’s last day was recounted on the Facebook page for Timber Ridge Farm:

We can’t articulate how devastated we are at Timber Ridge (Saco, Maine). We thank everyone for their help and understanding as we piece together Uhdelle’s tragic last day. She was taken from home between 9 and 9:15 Monday am. The person, discovering the GPS collar, removed it, tried to destroy it, and, we suspect, threw it in the Saco river as that is what the map indicates.

Whoever had the German shepherd proceeded to travel to Gray and then Uhdelle was dumped on Egypt Road. According to the animal control officer in Gray, the terrified dog ran for four hours before being struck and killed by a car.

German shepherd stolen from farm

Uhdelle’s owner is desperate to find the person responsible for the untimely death of a dog who she described as “one of our sweetest and friendliest girls, who only wanted us to throw her ball and give her hugs.”

Metcalf stated, “ We are begging anyone who might have seen a black German shepherd traveling in a vehicle from Buxton (Saco) to Gray or who lives in the Egypt Road (or surrounding) area to call the Buxton police (207-929-5151).”

(Photos via Timber Ridge Farm Facebook page)

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    • d fairbanks says:

      Sorry, but that is a DESPICABLE attitude to take. That breeder is also an OWNER who evidently loved Uhdelle: otherwise, she would not have even known when the dog was taken, only a GENERAL time. Uhdelle was evidently FAMILY as well as a dog they bred. Not all breeders are alike.

      • Shannon says:

        You are correct, not all breeders are alike. However, when there are thousands of GSD being PTS in shelters all over the U.S (not to mention the 100s of thousands of other homeless dogs), why keep breeding?
        Yeah, I get they want to provide the world with a well bred animal. But there are thousands of people who do the same thing.
        Besides, who needs a pure bred anything? So many families get a GSD or other working dog, and don’t work them! I know people with herding animals in an apartment, hunting dogs who have gone bonkers (literally) chasing flies because they have the instinct to hunt, chase, field, round-up or mentally overcome and they get none of it. 90% of most families just need a mutt but they are stupid enought to go spends hudreds of dollars on a puppy because it happens to be the cool breed at the moment.. They don’t need a purebred anything, all they need is a companion animal to provide love and affection.

      • maxiemom says:

        Why keep breeding? Because some breeds are almost extinct. Others have actual hair, which is great for people who have allergies. Still others have talents, as you pointed out, that were bred into them that people really, actually, still do use, such as border collies, other collies, different terriers, other herders, etc. I live next to a couple who have 2 German short haired pointers who, despite the fact that we live in the city and don’t have a lot of room to run, manage to get their dogs plenty of exercise. I have an Australian Shepherd, and before that had a border collie, and YES, both have had exercise and managed to work their herding abilities in ways OTHER than herding sheep. Some of us like purebred dogs, but we ADOPT them from shelters, though I admit the border collie is the last pet I bought (22 years ago). I happen to LIKE purebred pets, though to be honest, the Aussie is an Aussie border collie mix (and a beauty), but she does share her home with a purebred Lhasa Apso (who is good for my son’s allergy to dogs, though, since the other one sheds enough for 3 dogs…), a purebred Balinese cat, and a DSH cat, all adopted and adorable. Not all breeders are bad, and purebred dogs DO serve a purpose. My son was diagnosed with an allergy to dogs when he was 5. I was told to get rid of our border collie, which, of course, I didn’t. He took shots for years. The Lhasa Apso, or a poodle, or any number of other breeds would have been good for him to have at home and not caused the problems he had. Mutts simply wouldn’t do. RETHINK that idiotic “They don’t need a purebred anything, all they need is a companion animal to provide love and affection?, because there are MANY reasons why people need dogs who are purebreds, including the one I just mentioned..

  1. maxiemom says:

    Why would someone: steal a dog; throw her collar in the river; and let her out where she’d end up being killed like that? It sounds more like Uhdelle somehow got away from her kidnappers and wasn’t able to make it home. My heart goes out to the family who had their beloved dog stolen, because it’s OBVIOUS that they loved her. It’s sickening that people could be vile enough to steal a dog as if the dog were a piece of furniture or anything else we own, because they are not. The family mourns their dog, but they would NEVER mourn a couch. If these were the breeders some people think of they’d have no idea when their dog was stolen, but they obviously do: she was FAMILY. I hope they find this scum and fast. How many other innocent pets have they stolen? As bold as they were stealing Uhdelle, I doubt she was their first victim.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      i agree with your scenario, it sounds more like she got away from them and tried to get home. I hope they find the POS that took her. I also feel as you do that people (even if they are breeders) that don’t love their dogs, wouldn’t bother to get them GPS trackers for their collars. I so wish she had made it home alive, and I hope they find who stole her and lock them away. My heart goes out to this family she was such a beautiful girl.

  2. Donna Hawkins says:

    First of all this isn’t a debate on breeding! A beloved dog was stolen and dumped by a thoughtless cruel ctreep, she probably was going nuts so they dumped her and the the the terrible ending ! Give her a break!


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