Frail senior dog surrendered

Frail, blind senior dog – family turned him over to animal control

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An elderly senior dog, frail and blind with advanced age, has been let down by his family. The 11-year-old dog, named “Bruno,” does not get to spend the final moments of his life with his people – instead, he has been betrayed. On Monday, November 28, Bruno was brought to a busy, “high-kill” animal control agency in Lancaster, California.

An animal advocate, who is hoping to see Bruno beat the odds and find a home to live in for what remains of his life, wrote:

FRAIL SENIOR DUMPED for being blind and not doing well due to age!!! OMG – How do people sleep at night.

Bruno did not ask for the ailments that accompany advanced age – nor did he ask to be placed in a loud, frightening kennel where nothing is comfortable or familiar. Please help Bruno find a safe, loving place to go by taking a moment to network his adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • BRUNO – ID#A5015283
  • Facebook thread here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Lancaster at (661) 940-4191
    Ask for information about animal ID number A5015283
35 replies
  1. Jan H says:

    There’s some callous & heartless creeps out there. Hope to God Karma pays you a visit to return the favour when you’re elderly & frail but in your case i hope you DONT get any help or comfort from anyone or anywhere ?

  2. sandra clifton says:

    What the hell is wrong with people??? Please,someone with a heart take this poor dog one!He’s terrified from All the noise,blind can’t see if it’s coming after him !Please!

  3. Darla says:

    Damn his POS “family” – I’m currently the proud caretaker for 2 elderly Yellow Labs. I spent $1,000 just this month in vet bills (that’s not counting food, treats, etc.) and I have NO regrets. Please, someone like Leave No Paws Behind, rescue this sweetheart.

    • Trecia Juhnke says:

      I called this facility 11/29 I willing to take this senior dog .I have ramps out of my house already set up and a doggie wheelchair cart if it comes to that.and a warm loving home with 2 acreas of fenced property.I would need some rescue to pull this dog because I live in Oregon. The person I talked to at the animal control would not tell me what rescue groups they worked with, so I got nowhere. I know I could get transpirt under this dog.This dog needs to get outthis place assp.I also sent messages to Pet rescue report.If someone could help with rescue and or communication I would appreciate it. THANK YOU ..treciajuhnke16@gmailcom

      • Judy Favia says:

        tried to email you, but email would not work. I saw your post about that senior dog in CA. I would contact local lab rescues, as he looks like a lab and try to coordinate with them. I am guessing they will put him down quickly. Also, Gabe To the Rescue is a guy who does a tremendous about of rescue work. He may be able to help. I don’t have his contact info, but he is on FaceBook.

      • claire bryson says:

        i hope you get some sense out of these people……. and i hope you can get him, he deserves to be warm and loved. could you update us to let us know please. thank you so much for caring and good luck with him xxx

      • okaretta says:

        try frosted faces, they may be able to help…there are numerous transport services…pilots and paws and pilots across america…i was able to have a dog pulled 360 miles from me with the help of short term fosters and transporters…look on facebook for sure….

      • linda says:

        I don’t understand why they wouldn’t tell you what rescue groups they work with. They would rather PTS and animal and not allow it to be rescued? SMH!

  4. Trecia Juhnke says:

    I just got a message from someone saying I can’t comment on this photo cause it has been removed.They shouln’t posts pictures of animals in dire need if they are not available praying on people’s feelings and emotions is also cruel.There are people willing the help out dogs in need.

  5. Hilda Landaeta says:

    Oh my Lord God! What kind of monsters could do this??? Please take him out of that place! Sending prayers from Texas???

  6. Nancy Rogers says:

    This is why some people should never have animals, if you are not going to keep them to the end of their life where they are loved, DO NOT GET ANY ANIMALS.

  7. Star Shelley says:

    So true Nancy! We have a lot of non caring or committed people out there for our animals They treat their animals like a piece of clothing, if it does fit, give it to the goodwill!!! Somebody will buy it.

  8. June says:

    10 should not be old and frail … old and frail is 17, 18, 19 … 10 and old and frail means his ‘family’ never cared to begin with – poor Bruno was neglected and denied nutritious food for his entire life. May his ‘family’ rot in hell.

  9. Star Shelley says:

    I am trying to understand why there is someone who is willing to help this dog get a home, but Tricia is not getting anywhere. Surely there is someone that can help! This is getting frustrating. I love the pet reports. but it lacks any follow through.

  10. kay prince says:

    This is one of the few times that I am in favor of euthanasia. It would be kinder for this senior frail dog to be put down humanely than than having to endure his last days in a loud frightening environment. And this is why I do not believe in “no kill” shelters. There comes a time when it is just simply more humane for the animals. We need to separate our own feelings out of this for their sake.

  11. Star Shelley says:

    Sorry Kay, I totally disagree with having him put down. There has to be someone out there that will take him. He is not old, he is only 10 he just needs care and love. There is someone on this thread that is willing to take him, but no one is helping this lady as to how she can get him. I sent a message to petrescue with no success, they never answer me or that lady back.


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