Former guard sentenced to jail for throwing dog out of seventh floor window

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A former security guard was sentenced to six-months in prison on Monday  and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for throwing a family’s dog out the window of his seventh floor Birmingham Tower apartment, reports the Express UK.

BPM MEDIA SUPPLY PIC Zeus the dog who was thrown from a tower block window in Druids Heath.

The Birmingham Magistrates’ Court passed sentence onto Mahmood Keshavarzi, 37, for theft and criminal damage while ignoring the pleas of the dog’s owner, Mitchel Jagger, to return his American bulldog Zeus. After the trial, Jagger told media he was glad Keshavarzi  was convicted, however wanted to  see a charge of animal cruelty included rather than just one of criminal damage.

“…(Zeus) wasn’t an object. But I am pleased he has been sent down. What he did to Zeus was beyond words – disgusting and it has devastated the whole family.”

The horrible incident took place in August 2015. A 13-year-old teenage boy saw Keshavarzi capture the friendly 15-month-old Zeus from a garden and drag the dog by its collar towards the rear entrance of the apartment building. When Jagger arrived home from work early that evening, the teen told him what he had seen.  Jagger ran to the man’s apartment door and repeatedly knocked begging to get his dog back. Keshavarzi denied having the dog in his apartment, despite dog hair all over his front mat.thug jailed 2

The teen told the court that he had been outside and had heard Mr. Mitchel calling for his dog and Zeus barking. Just moments later the youth stated:

 “I heard a massive thump. It sounded like two cars going into each other. I looked on the ground and Zeus was lying there. I then heard the sound of a squeaking window.”

A shocked  crowd gathered around  Zeus’ mortally wounded body. He had suffered severe trauma and died while en route to the veterinarian hospital

Keshavrzi denied stealing Zeus and contended he had no idea what happened to the dog. A police investigation found  Zeus’ fur embedded in paintwork near the kitchen window. Rest in peace Zeus.Thug jailed

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7 replies
  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Mahmood should have been placed out the SAME &TH floor window that this Pervert threw Zeus out of!!! 6 months is not justice for what a horrific crime he committed ….Why in the Hell would he do such a thing!!!

  2. maxiemom says:

    Why didn’t they give this guy the maximum sentence possible? How cruel does a piece of evil filth have to be before they give him REAL TIME? This is a MONSTER! He should be behind bars for YEARS!!!!!! At least he’ll be there for months, but it isn’t long enough, and the criminal justice system in the UK needs to come up to the times. Sometimes our system here goes overboard, especially when it comes to drug charges (most of which shouldn’t even be penalized), but not when it comes to animals.

  3. Andreea Clover says:

    Ofc Mahmood do this…what can u expect from Mahmood….. in their countries they respect animals as much as they respect their womens….sad….we are in 2016,epic human fail,next time Mahmood can do a favor and throw on window an ISIS member everyday,would do such a good thing.


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