Fooled ya! Hawk dropping snake on family picnic in viral video fake

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The viral video of a hawk appearing to drop a snake on a family’s picnic during their visit to Australia is a hoax, reports FoxNews.

On Thursday, the Hawthorne Australian Football League (AFL), behind the hawk ruse admitted they created the video to launch their finals campaign titled, “Embrace the hunt.”

“We wanted everyone to know  that it’s September and the Hawks are on the attack and hopefully we’ve succeeded,” a club spokesperson stated. “The debate over its authenticity has been had by various media outlets across both Australia and the globe. Hopefully we haven’t scared too many people off a BBQ by the Yarra.”

Uploaded to YouTube just 48-hours ago by University of Melbourne’s Douglas Wong, 22, the student claimed the hawk dropped the snake at the spot where his family had been having a barbecue in Melbourne.

“Bird dropped snake on my uncle last weekend. Scary!,” Wong explains. “I’m from China and my uncle was visiting so we had a barbecue to show him the Australian ways.”

Wong claimed to have shot the video when he saw the hawk circling overhead.  Suddenly, the hawk swooped down to the sidewalk and grabs a live snake with his talons. Oddly enough however, the hawk didn’t fly away to dine on his prey; instead he turned to the family and dropped the snake on the sidewalk. In the video, the snake quickly slithered back into the tall grass, even though the uncle claimed the snake had chased him. Wong stated his uncle was rather frightened, and the family left because they were told that snakes were dangerous.

And within 48 hours, the video garnered five million views on the Internet, even though commentators  had expressed doubt about the authenticity of the event. In a frame by frame study of the video, a “layer” created while editing the video had not been removed in addition to other inconsistencies.

(Photo via YouTube video)



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