Florida woman allowed to keep ‘Rambo’ pet alligator

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In Lakeland, Florida, the owner of a pet alligator named “Rambo” will be allowed to stay in his home. After a year-long battle with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Mary Thorn reached an agreement allowing her to keep her 6-foot-long pet reptile at home.

According to FoxNews, Rambo, who has earned celebrity status in his hometown has been with Thorn for more than 11 years. The 125-pound gator was about to be evicted since state rules require a captured gator of his size to live on at least 2.5 acres of land. The state has however since dropped its case, except there will be certain rules and regulations Rambo and his mom must forever abide. The alligator is no longer allowed to be shown off in public.

‘He did Toys for Tots. He did Children and Family Services events,” stated Mary.

Rambo, who is house trained and often dressed up in costumes, has been a teaching resource for kids for years across the Tampa Bay area. Children have approached him and touched him safely – not anything they could do in the wild and be safe. Nevertheless, Mary is thrilled. Now that all her children are grown, she is just thankful she gets to spend Christmas with her favorite pal.

(Photo of pet alligator via YouTube)


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  1. That’s just trouble waiting to happen. Sorry, I can’t agree with Mary keeping the gator. It’s a wild animal and belong in the wild. Someday she’s going to end up being a snack for Rambo.


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