Flea and ticked infested small senior dogs dumped at Texas shelter

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Could there ever be a sadder picture of a dejected little dog peering through the bars of a shelter cage wondering what he had done so wrong that he landed in such a frightening place?  Tragically four other dogs (including a puppy) who had been his companions have all met up with the same fate.NUeces County Chi

The Dachshund-Chihuahua mixes are at Nueces County Animal Control in Texas, and no one has come to their rescue. The two males and three females were flea and tick infested upon arrival and have since been treated by the shelter, however they were clearly neglected. Was it just more convenient to dump the dogs at a kill shelter than to purchase flea and tick preventative?  The four were unceremoniously surrendered – no explanations, no kisses good-bye nor even a pat on the head. A volunteer writes:

“ALL-including this adorable ‘lil’ tan pup were infested! Such a shame. They are all sweet but rather shell shocked! IS THERE A SOUL OUT THERE WITH A HEART AS BIG AS TEXAS, for this ‘lil’ pup and her family?”Nueces county chi 2

The dogs are in dire need of rescue. Surrendered dogs can  be euthanized at anytime according to overcrowded shelter conditions. For additional information and how you can help, call the Nueces County Animal Control at 410.608.2195. (Kennel 23). Follow their Facebook page by clicking here.

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(Photos Nueces County, TX: Dogs in Need of Rescue)



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