Fears abound that Craigslist cat killer might be killing again

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A man who spent years in prison for torturing and killing cats is free and there are fears that the cat-killer may be continuing his cruel ways. According to Monday’s publication of the Daily Mail, 58-year-old Anthony Appolonia spent five years in prison for killing 19 cats and kittens, but today he is out of prison and some believe that he is killing cats once again.

Appolonia previously admitted that he tortured and killed kittens and cats that he had acquired through Craigslist ads – he admitted that some of his feline victims were stomped, broken and drowned because he got angry at them when he felt that they no longer liked him. Today, however, he is dismissive of the accusations people have made which suggest that perhaps he has returned to his former cruel ways.

Appolonia has been court-ordered to stay away from animals, but there is speculation that he has been adopting them from unsuspecting people over the past few months – the cats that he is believed to have taken into his care cannot be accounted for.

Appolonia vehemently denies the accusations and claims that not only is he remorseful for his prior actions, but that he is trying to move on and leave the past behind him. The people who claim to have recently given their cats to Appolonia, through Craigslists ads, have contacted the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare with requests to investigate…those individuals have stated that they believe their former pets are now dead.

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  1. maxiemom says:

    This is why a registry is needed. It’s also why craigslist needs to be shut down, and ‘free to good home’ ads need to be outlawed forever.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    A lion’s spots never change, and if anyone would think this monster wouldn’t go back to his killing ways, well lets say they live in a fantasy world. He should have been monitored better. Another reason people shouldn’t be giving pets away on Craigs List. He needs to be put away!

  3. Mongoose218 says:

    5 years in prison! Better than most animal abusers get, but still not enough…..I don’t know how the police or animal control can monitor such a person…..maybe the same way Pedophiles are monitored?

    AND Craigslist just needs to get out of the cat and dog “free to a good home” business!

  4. Ed says:

    Are you f****** people just naturally deaf or dumb or both or All the Above I was released from prison does ketchup kill people who kill children wake the f****** America what is wrong with you people 5 years for killing cats stopping on a psychologist in there and get up some meds. Just release him and see what the f*** we can do next with him you are so f***** up and said

  5. Marlies Renee says:

    Well i don’t like him, and dare him to try and stomp on me, or drown me you got another thing coming, he probably can’t get any human to like him so he takes it out on the animals sick F*&@#. NO ONE LIKES GO EAT WORMS!!!!

  6. virginia green says:

    if he is out.put him back in and lock it forever.GOD is with the cats.but charge him with killing 4 legged kids wearing fur.because that is what he did.


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