Lost dog euthanized

Family’s lost dog euthanized shortly after escape from home

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A family in Easley, South Carolina, is grappling with the unexpected death of their five-year-old dog who was euthanized a short time after he escaped from home. According to News Channel 10, “Meeka,” a Pomeranian, slipped away from home on a Saturday and 48 hours later, he was dead.

Meeka belonged to Misty Bridges, and her fiance, Matthew Silsbee. Bridge discovered through social media that their lost dog had been found by a good Samaritan and he was then taken 24 hours later to an emergency veterinary clinic in Greenville. Tragically, shortly after Meeka’s arrival at the veterinary hospital, he was euthanized.

According to Greenville Online,  several variables led to Meeka’s untimely demise…Meeka was not wearing any identification, and he did not have a microchip, so when he arrived to Animal Emergency Clinic showing signs of breathing distress, and nobody was on hand to pay for what could have been extensive veterinary care, the decision was made the euthanize him to end his apparent suffering.

Bridges was aware of Meeka’s medical issue – in fact, just a short time earlier he had been diagnosed at a veterinarian with a “slipped trachea.” Bridges told Greenville Online that Meeka’s condition, which can be common to his breed, is easily treated with medication.

After Meeka’s death, the finger of blame has been pointed at the veterinary clinic for euthanizing the dog too quickly, and to the owners, for not having their dog microchipped. Social media posts about Meeka’s death reveal divided opinions, and overwhelming sorrow for the dog who was killed after he accidentally slipped out of his home.

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(Family photo screenshot via News channel 10)


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  1. Linda Patton says:

    That vet needs to be sued and his/her license questioned. It seems the only concern was if they’d get paid or not, no exam to find the cause. A cause that would have been easily treated with medication. There is no excuse for the actions of this vet. The humans are at fault as well, they should have taken the time to get this dog chipped. Now an innocent life is lost, a dog that had years of life to live. I’m appauled at the vets actions!!! Had that been one of my dogs there’d be hell to pay! The dog was a family member that was stolen away, no excuse, no excuse…

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    So essentially, the dog was put down because no one was there to pay for the medical treatment. Never mind it might be someone’s pet and they might be looking for it, it came down to the almighty dollar, and who was going to pay for the treatment, Why not seek out a rescue, or at least hold the dog for a time to see if the owner could be found, would it really have cost them that much? I’m so sorry for this family, dogs slip away, they did everything they could to find her and this is what happened.

  3. maxiemom says:

    There’s no excuse for Meeka having NO ID. NONE!!!!!!!! No tags is unbelievable in itself, but no microchip? Both of my dogs came from shelters that don’t microchip dogs, and I made certain that was done during their first exam just in case! In the case of a dog with a medical problem this is INEXCUSABLE! HOWEVER, putting Meeka to sleep like that when it is OBVIOUS there is an owner is disgusting! Had the people who run that emergency veterinary clinic had any kind of compassion whatsoever, they would have at least taken the time to hold the dog for a couple of days or so to find out. Was the problem going to kill Meeka at that moment? NO!!!! Meeka was in need of medication, but that was it. The owners were undoubtedly negligent, but the veterinary clinic was heartless.

  4. Shelly R Berchem (Pinks) says:

    This seems to be THE STANDARD and the NORM with some RESCUE SHELTERS and Vets these days. IF IT’S NOT PET, I DON’T CARE LETS KILL IT! They could have placed an add in the local paper or on the local lost pets page on FB. But, then that would have required some kindness and effort on their part. WHERE IS THEIR HUMANITY IN ALL OF THIS??? GUILTY AS CHARGED!

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Another horrible case of a dog being let down by humans. Perhaps owners of dogs with medical conditions should get a special tag to include on the dog’s collar (and the information could be added to the microchip page)? Like a human with a medical alert bracelet? If this dog’s condition was treatable with medication, that information would have helped at the vet’s office. Of course, the dog didn’t have a microchip. Another reason I believe every pet should be. Even my indoor-only cats have them. You never know when someone lets a pet slip out of an open door. They are extremely affordable and SO important to have.

  6. Don M says:

    I don’t suppose you people sitting in the seat of judgement about the Veterinarian would be interested in forming a national fund for medical care for lost dogs so that dogs that are separated from their owners can get medical care from any veterinary clinic in the USA. Have any of you considered how many veterinarians there are that have given care to peoples pets that they never got paid for? Have any of you even considered contacting a Vet in your area to ask about helping with unpaid Vet bills. I bet you haven’t. Is a veterinarian supposed to spend 10 years going to school and working as an intern so that they can give away their services to the point of bankruptcy? I think school alone can cost about $200K.

    The real reason that the dog died was because the owner was negligent in making sure that the dog could not get lost. Everything that happened to the dog after it left the control of the owner is primarily the owners fault. I can only wonder if anyone paid any vet bills for the dog while it was at the Vet? I bet the answer to that question is no.

    I suggest before you raging millennial’s judge someone that you might just consider what it might be like to walk a while in that persons shoes.


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