Family’s Jack Russell paralyzed after he was ‘shocked’ by meter reader

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In Dalton, Georgia, a 67-year-old woman is trying very hard to cope with the death of her 20-pound Jack Russell terrier after a utility worker allegedly “shocked” the dog through the family’s fence while reading a utility meter, reports WrcbTvNews.Osito the paralyzed pup

Pascual Nieto told authorities their ten-year-old dog named Osito had been struck with an electrical prong because he had been barking inside of the fence. In fact, the family had purposely built the fence so workers would not have to come in contact with the dog – the meter was not enclosed in the dog’s fenced area. And when two workers from the Dalton Utilities company had been at the Nieto home, the family claims the worker shocked the dog through the fence.

“My mom saw the boy when he did it. She hollered, ‘what did you do to my dog’? The boy just looked and said, ‘he’s barking,'” stated Pascual.

Osito was left paralyzed and when brought to the family veterinarian, there were no guarantees their dog would ever walk again; the family was not able to afford the thousands of dollars an operation would have cost. Osito remained paralyzed from the middle of his back. Sadly the decision was made to humanely euthanize the defenseless pooch.

And now Pascual’s mother, who spends much of her time alone, continues to grieve for her dog. And even though Osito was a little dog, he provided a lot of companionship and would always bark if someone came to the house.

“They need to do something. Because if you do nothing, they could start doing it to other dogs. They need to make an example for other people too,” stated Pascual.

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the situation as an animal cruelty case. According to Dalton Utilities, the company is also investigating and has identified the two workers who had been at the Nieto home. A spokesperson for the company stated crews are not supplied with the kind of shock equipment described in the report.

Rest in peace Osito.

(Photo family supplied via WrcbTv)


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  1. The family should sue both the company and the two workers, who need to be fired IMMEDIATELY and charged by the cops. It is inexcusable that some scum sucking maggot would do this to a dog for merely barking! Anyone this cruel needs a daily dose of his own medicine, at the very least and for the rest of his miserable life, however short.

  2. sorry the guy did that.make the guy go to jail for mistreatment of a 4 legged kid wearing fur.the dog was the owners kid like pet.

  3. Prosecute these workers please!!!! And how about friends look for a new dog for her at an animal
    Shelter…..there are many mixed breed Jack Russell’s out there!!!

  4. Fire the maggot puke bag immediately. Better yet shock “it” in an area which will render it unable to produce more of its own ilk. This is not acceptable. If the pup was no threat to the fucko, they had no right to do that. I would sue the pants off the company.

  5. I’d have broken the fuck-pig’s back had he done this to my dog! I hope the arsehole is prosecuted for this, and sacked from his job, the low life piece of shit! Hope he dies a horrible death real soon!!! RIP Isito, you little beauty…

  6. He should be fired and hit him in the pocket book there should have to reg. Like child abusers and should never own animals


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