Family offers $10,000 reward for safe return of dogs

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In Tempe, Arizona, the family of two beloved dogs has offered a $10,000 reward to whomever can help them find their two dogs and bring them home. According to AbcNews, the dogs escaped from their backyard and have been missing since October 14.

The dogs, named Gemma and Toby, had been home near Southern and Baseline, but when the family returned that evening, both dogs were gone. The dogs did have access to a doggy door which they could come and go throughout the day; the backyard is secured by a latched gate and a cinder block. It is unknown how the dogs escaped from the yard. Their owner, Tyler Truscio has notified local veterinarians, pet stores and has placed flyers in the area.

Both dogs are under a year old, are spayed/neutered and are micro chipped. Gemma is a female German shepherd and was wearing a white collar with polka dogs. Toby is a Rhodesian ridgeback male wearing a purple collar. Anyone with information is asked to contact 602.695.2874 or 480-570-7547. Please do NOT try to catch them on your own. Please call so the owner can be called to the area immediately.

Help Gemma and Toby find their way home. Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.

(Photo of $10,000 reward via AbcNews)




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  1. I shared this with my friends in Az….not sure how far Tempe is from them, but I’m sure they will help look if reasonable distance. I couldn’t imagine my guys gone, I’m tempted to drive from CA and help look for these babies


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