Family fears dog is dead after being left at boarding facility

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A family fears that their beloved dog is dead after he was left at a boarding facility in Houston, Texas. According to Wednesday’s KHOU News, Luxor, a German shepherd, was left at the City Canine training and boarding facility in early July while his family took a vacation to Colorado.

Upon the family’s return to the facility following their vacation, they were told that Luxor was gone – the business claims that the dog broke through a fence and disappeared. Luxor’s owners now fear that something much worse than running away happened…though exactly what took place remains a mystery.

Robert Wojehowski told KHOU News that he was contacted by a former employee of City Canine approximately two weeks after the dog “ran away.” The former employee allegedly told Wojehowski, “The person who called us said he had seen our dog dead in a crate a few days before and let us know that the owner went out after and tore up the fence to fabricate a story that our dog had gotten out.”

The Wojehowski family is not alone – another family in the area claims that their dog died at the same facility, during the same time period. The owner of the other dog, whose body underwent a necropsy to determine the cause of death, has filed a police report. The results of the exam were inconclusive – unfortunately, the vague results left the local hands of the local authorities tied.

Click here to watch a news clip about Luxor’s mysterious disappearance.

(Family photo via KHOU News)

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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    There Needs to be and INVESTIGATION done Here!!! Especially since this has happened to another family…. Texas appears to have total disregard for animals in general along with California and Florida!!!! There is seriously something seriously wrong with a large section of the population in these Three states!!!! It’s called NEGLECT, ABUSE , ABANDONMENT, and MURDER of their four legged population across the BOARD!!!! I hope the person that called and reported the “DIRTY YELLOW RAT” that runs this Kennel stands up for the Rights of these TWO MYSTERY as to WHAT REALLY HAPPEND HERE!!!!

    • Madeline Medeiros says:

      All dog owners when they have to leave them need to really scrutinize the facility get referrals check it out personally get a feel for the place, and the best thing to do is if you had a buddy system with friends or neighbors you can rely and trust just trying to offer some ideas after this terrible tragedy for this family.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is horrible, the boarding kennel needs to come clean with what happened to these pets. If they are covering up something then they need to be investigated and charges brought. Whether the employee that squealed on the boarding kennel is on the up and up needs to be found out. I can imagine the heartbreak for these families, you leave your pet to be cared for and then this happens. I hope they get to the bottom of things here, there is nothing worse than not knowing what happened and where your pet is, even if the pet has died!.


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