Family dog shot and killed during break in

Dog shot and killed during break in
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A woman in Memphis, Tennessee, is grieving after someone broke into her home, stealing belongings and killingher beloved dog. According to WHBQ News, the heartbreaking incident happened on Wednesday night.

The dog’s owner told WHBQ News that she left home for less than 30 minutes when someone broke in, turning her house, and her life, upside down.  Aside from stealing belongings, including electronics, the burglar(s) shot her dog, “Champ,” in the head – cruelly ending his life.

The woman told WHBQ, “All I can do is scream with the pain that’s in my heart.”

Belongings can be replaced – a life, cannot. The victim told the news station, “The most important thing they took from me was my dog’s life, my best friend.”

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(Photo screenshot via WHBQ News)

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  1. This is horrible, and the worse thing is, if they find out who did this, they will receive more punishment for the stuff stolen than the murder of this families pet! I hope they find them, I hope they lock them up and throw away the key and I hope the rest of their lives are horrible, they don’t deserve to be living on this earth!


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