Family dog saves child stuck in dryer

Dog helps save child from dryer
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Thanks to a family’s intuitive dog, a child who was stuck in a running dryer was rescued. According to Monday’s publication of The Guardian, five-year-old Riley Gedge-Duffy, a boy with Down’s Syndrome, was inside of the hot dryer when “Teddy,” the family’s Cockapoo, went “berserk.”

Riley’s mom was busy vacuuming in another room and did not realize that her child was inside of the running dryer – thanks to Teddy’s odd behavior, the boy was found before the unthinkable happened. Riley’s Dad, Aaron, recounted the horrifying situation to the Guardian:

The dog was barking like mad and running backwards and forwards to the tumble dryer, but because it was so dark inside she could not see where Riley was.

Riley was saved, but he still suffered bumps, bruises and burns on his body. Without question, things could have been much, much worse if not for Teddy’s help. Teddy has been a hero to her family on more than one occasion – in addition to helping save Riley, she also recently alerted her family when a cell phone charge started to overheat and catch fire.

Her owner said, “she’s brilliant.” Good girl Teddy!

(Photo/stock image via Wikipedia Free Commons)

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  1. How on earth did mom miss a five yr old in the dryer before starting the machine? Teddy has earned a lifetime of cookies, belly rubs, sleeping on the bed of her choice! Be good to her, it sounds like you need her.


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