Family dog found on porch with mouth, nose and paws duct-taped

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An Arab, Alabama family is shocked after finding their friendly family dog tied on their porch with his mouth, nose and paws duct-taped. According to, Arab Assistant Chief Shane Washburn stated the dog could still breathe, and except for the cuts he sustained while the tape was removed, the dog had no other injuries.

The family had left their home on Friday afternoon and when they returned a few hours later found the dog tied on the porch.

“We don’t have any specific suspects in mind right now. We’re looking for all information that might help us find the person responsible. This is a very unusual crime,” stated Washburn. “Very seldom do we see a crime of this nature where a dog has been bound. It’s just awful.”

The person responsible for this cruel act could face face a Class A misdemeanor for animal cruelty. The charge carries a sentence of up to a year in jail. If anyone has any information about the person(s) who may have been involved with this crime, they are asked to call the Arab police at 256-586-8124.

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  1. maxiemom says:

    Undoubtedly a neighbor. HOWEVER, in the days since the election, hate crimes against particular groups in this country has risen dramatically, even in the classroom with teachers saying unbelievably offensive things to their students. Every single dog owner has a dog hating neighbor, just as every minority undoubtedly has a racist neighbor. It might be easy to find this one.
    BTW, anyone with a thin skin here about the election needs to rethink, since all they need to do is look at the daily paper to see that yes, the racist have become emboldened since they elected one of their own.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Invest in a security system : mount a surveillance camera with a posted notice on your property and also contain your pet in the home or take them to a pet sitter… otherwise your dog may be tortured to death next time… Someone is not happy with you !!!

  3. Linda Szymoniak says:

    It doesn’t specify, but I’m assuming that the dog was left outside. My dogs are mostly indoor dogs. They go out in our fenced yard for potty and exercise, or I have them on leashes for walks and car rides. They are only left outside when I’m able to watch them – either by sitting on the deck in good weather or watching from a window in less than decent weather. NO dog should be left unattended in a yard – especially in this day and age. There are monsters masquerading as people out there – they throw horrible things into the yards of pets or leave where they know pets will go (like parks – especially dog parks). They will take a loving family pet and torture and kill them. Often for no reason except the fact that they are monsters. I swear, I’d be out for blood if someone ever hurt one of my furbabies. (Oh, and our cats are strictly indoor cats, even though two of them were originally found as strays.)


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