Family dog dies on porch after being shot with a crossbow

In Hancock, Maryland, a family is trying to deal with the horrible crossbow arrow death of their three-year-old dog who had been shot on Friday morning.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, the department has opened an animal cruelty investigation. The family, who reside on Orchard Ridge Road, called authorities to report their German shepherd and Beagle mix had been shot with a crossbow arrow. The dog, whose name was Bronx, had been let out of the house at approximately 6:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom. About 20 minutes later, a family member found Bronx standing on the front porch with blood pouring out of his chest. The owners saw the crossbow arrow stuck into their dog’s chest, near his neck. Bronx died before the family could get him to a veterinarian.

Bronx was the best friend of the family’s teenage grandson. According to Fox News, the dog’s owner Jennifer Collier hopes getting the word out will help to find the person responsible for the cruel deed.

“It has been hard and nothing will bring him back, but I would like the person who did this punished for their crime,” stated Jennifer.

It is believed someone shot Bronx while the dog stood on his own porch. Anyone with information is asked to call authorities at 240.313.2170.

(Photo: dog dies on porch courtesy of Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

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