Family dog dies after chemicals burn his body while at pet groomer

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In Shelby Township, Michigan, a family’s beloved seven-year-old dog died as a result of chemical burns after what they thought was a routine visit to the groomer for a bath and a trim, reports Fox2Detroit. Family dog dies after soaked in chemicals

On Thursday morning, Dennis and Maureen St. Clair took their rescue dog, Max to the Shaggy Dog Puppies and Supplies at Van Dyke near 21 Mile. The poodle and cocker spaniel mix had been routinely going to the shop to have his nails trimmed, but this time would be different. This time Max died!

When the couple had not heard from the groomer the entire day, they hurried to the shop.

“I saw the groomer; her name was Cindy, and she was coming out the back door with a dog wrapped in blankets and just soaking wet,” stated Dennis. “And I looked and said oh God, I hope it isn’t my dog, and it was Max, foaming at the mouth.”

The dog’s body had chemical burns and his coat was falling off. Max was rushed to the vet where he died. And how did all of this happen? It seems Max had been barking too much and was placed in a back room where chemicals were kept. Somehow gallons of chemicals spilled. The owners of the shop have not commented, but the family has filed a police report citing gross negligence by the shop owners.

Several years ago, another dog died at the same groomer after the pet was left under a hot dryer too long.

Rest in peace Max.

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(Photo via Fox2Detroit screenshot)

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  1. Who the F*CK closes a companion – UNATTENDED – in a room with hazardous chemicals????!!

    Someone with a “financial death wish”, that’s who!

    “Barking too much”??? EVER HEAR OF A SOFT MUZZLE????


    You deserve to lose your entire shop and ALL YOUR FINANCIAL ASSETS: Only when you’re out of business will other companions be safe!

    Rest-in-peace, precious little rescue Max: My heart breaks for your needless suffering…

  2. Shut this so-called business down. Fine the owner and punish her. This is unacceptableb- two dogs are now dead because of this maggot skank?!? How in God’s name did the chemicals get all over the dog??? I’m not buying the story – something happened. The bitch owner needs to admit what happened. That’s horrible beyond deacription. This is one of the reasons I would use a Mobile Groomer – I wouldn’t have to leave my pups. I will never leave my dog any place where I can’t be unless it’s at the vet.

  3. I hope someone is punished severely from this negligence, for your loss and for the loss of your beloved Max!!! If you need suggestions you might try contacting the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

  4. R>I>P>MAX These bastards arnt fit to have a dog parlour you don’t leave a dog in the back room with chemicals bloody idiots the pane max went through must of been terrible poor baby.

  5. close the place down.make them pay the bill to the vet for they dog that died and also jail them for attepted murder of a 4 legged kid wearing fur.the dog was the family kid also.

  6. I’ve never taken my dogs to a groomer. Thank goodness for short-haired breeds. I have had to have the vet help trim nails, but I’m right there. All these horror stories about dogs being abused or dying at or after going to a groomer make me never want to take any of my furbabies to one. I hope this family sues and this place gets closed down. From what the article says, another dog died there a while back. They should have been closed down then.

  7. I had the same experience at the shop where I took my dog Joey. I had him clipped and bathed and the very next day he passed. It has been 3 years since I lost Joey & my heart is still broken. Their is no way that I would be able to prove that they were responsible but this post makes me wonder if something like this could have happened to my Joey. Love & miss you Joey. Till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

  8. I agree that something is really, really fishy. They had to have found the dog covered in chemicals way before the Dad got there, or why such a huge time delay? So why on earth didn’t they call the owner and vet? And why was the groomer sneaking the dog out the back when the Dad happened to arrive? This is horrifying.
    Also, I’ve worked at a number of dog boarding/daycare/grooming facilities, which makes these even more shocking. First off, many dogs bark repetitively, especially when kenneled, so it must be that placing barkers in a utility closet was common practice there. Even, apparently, shortly after a dog had just died in their care from gross negligence!
    And how on earth would a dog by himself manage to get covered in the chemicals, even the chemicals spilled? That doesn’t make sense.
    Not only should the business be shut down, the owner and any employee there at that time should be charged with animal cruelty.

    And offering to buy the family a new puppy after killing their dog? What a huge slap in the face.

    • What kinds of “dangerous” chemicals come in containers that are that easily opened??Astounding that this is a groomer and yet they haven’t a cage placed anywhere away from the other animals where a dog could simply relax and not feel so stressed that it has to bark while it’s waiting for grooming?CLose this place….once was enough..two is beyond belief.


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