Emaciated puppy found living in squalor

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A puppy left suffering in the heat in Paterson, New Jersey, was so emaciated that his pitiful condition caught the attention of his owner’s neighbors. According to Wednesday’s ABC 7 News, animal control who responded to the animal welfare check discovered a pup who was so weak that he collapsed from the exertion of greeting a visitor.

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge share details of the rescue effort on a fundraiser created for the puppy, “A skeleton of a puppy wagged his emaciated body as they approached. He then collapsed from the exertion and excitement of greeting a visitor, having been alone for days. The officer took him off his chain and brought him into the home, where he staggered over to the toilet and drank all the water out of it before she could stop him.”

The shelter added:

The owners admitted that he hadn’t eaten in days. RBARI rescuers raced to meet animal control and get the puppy immediate medical care. The puppy’s tail never stopped wagging – he was so excited to finally have human contact and kind touch. The rescuers took him into their arms in a big fluffy towel because he was so frail.

The frail pup, suffering from skin infections resulting from being kept in urine and feces, was taken to the Oradell Animal Hospital for antibiotics and I.V. fluids – despite his pitiful condition, rescuers noted that his little tail never stopped wagging.

Follow this puppy’s recuperation at this link to the shelter’s Facebook page. Read more about fundraising efforts at this link to GoFundMe.

(Photo via GoFundMe)

5 replies
  1. mongibello says:

    So with the scumbag owners admitting that the puppy hadn’t eaten in days, just when are cruelty charges going to be charged against them.

  2. Edward says:

    Michael Paterson New Jersey very well how could those lowlifes have that puppy looking like that and saying that amphetamine days are you kidding me remember one day I was in Paterson years ago and it was his kid taking a chain and believe it or actually sleeping and smashing the pit bull in the face don’t worry guys I called him I should have I ever see you doing that to any type of animal that I’m around Paterson New Jersey can I will slap the s*** out of you understand and then take the change and rearrange your face I’m sick of going on this site and seeing these poor animals abused you’ve got to do something we’ve all got to do something for god sakes there is no excuse to hurt an animal

      • liz says:

        Oh Please! Leave Edward alone! He is passionate about his feelings and this is not a “grammar police” site. LOVING ANIMALS IS IMPORTANT! NO MATTER HOW IT IS SPELLED. No animals should have to suffer and be starved.

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