Emaciated dog – rescue agency takes on worst starvation case ever

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On Thursday, a rescue agency in New York City made a heartbreaking announcement about its acceptance of the “worst case” of starvation the organization has ever seen. Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs wrote, “We just accepted one of the worst cases of starvation into our rescue family. We have absolutely no words for the condition of this starved female German shepherd mix.”

The skeletal dog, dubbed “Thumbelina,” is a shadow of what she should be…a healthy dog of her breed should weigh 75 pounds, but she weighs just 14 pounds. Her body is devoid of fat and muscle – she is so frail that it seems impossible that she is still alive. When Thumbelina arrived, her temperature did not even register…heating pads are being used in an effort to bring her body temperature up.


Currently, Thumbelina is at a veterinary hospital where staff is doing all that it can to help save her life. The fate of this severely neglected girl is unclear – it is obvious that she has somehow survived the worst of humanity and given her current state of health, it is apparent that she has the will to survive.


Donations to help Thumbelina receive all of the veterinary care that she needs can be made at this link to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

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