Emaciated Boxer spent 2 years tethered by a heavy chain

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For nearly her entire life, a lonely, emaciated Boxer spent her life alone; neglected and tethered by a heavy chain. During the summer she sweltered in the oppressive heat of the Chesterfield, South Carolina dirt lot, and in the winter she shivered in the cold, the rain and the sleet. Her filthy coat never grew thick enough to protect her delicate skin; there was barely any food to eat. Her eyes watered and stung – entropion – a condition where her eyelashes turned inward scarring her delicate retinas.clarissa-the-boxer-2b

And then it finally happened on Thursday; Clarissa’s miserable life on a short chain in the dirt was over. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  helped. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization couldn’t refuse.

“Can you imagine that is a life? On a short chain in the dirt 24/7? She had no interaction with anything but the cruel elements of nature…,” stated Jackie as her anger boiled over knowing that’s how Clarissa had been forced to live.

Clarissa only weighs 33 pounds – an emaciated Boxer, covered in pressure sores, anemic and ravaged by parasites. When she gains weight and is feeling better, she will undergo surgery for her eyes. Now Clarissa only needs to concentrate on human kindness and care. clarissa-the-boxer-2

More good news … Clarissa’s owners have been charged with animal cruelty, and the other two dogs on the property have also been rescued and are receiving care. To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC with Clarissa’s veterinary care, donations can be made here. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

Photos for emaciated Boxer courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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7 replies
  1. edward says:

    Your a****** are you proud of yourself for doing that to that poor dog I like to take the chain wrapped around your neck and break your f****** that keeps coming back piece of s***

  2. Regina says:

    Horrific. So glad you saved her and SECOND CHANCE NYC DOGS ended up saving the TWO (2) other dogs you left behind.
    Rescues working together is the way to go!!!!

  3. Tracy says:

    So as happy as I am you saved Clarissa, and obviously had to have had a warrant to take why we’re 3 dogs left on the property? If a dog is found in horriable conditions all dogs on that property are to be taken not just 1. I understand Second Chance Rescue stepped up to take the 2 pups you thought it was ok to leave with these people. Animal cruelty charges were pressed that’s great. I would like a answer to why you left these 2 dogs behind? You want donations for the dogs you save and people do what they can to make that happen but to know a “Rescue” could know they left 2 dogs behind that are also in the the same situation makes me wonder why, and how that could happen. Is there pictures of the property and of the other dogs? People would like to see what you left behind. And the conditions you left them in. I know I would like to see them. With all the graphic pictures posted you should show the ENTIRE story.


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