Elderly German shepherd credited with saving family

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An elderly German shepherd has been credited with saving his family from a devastating house fire in Arkansas, reported Monday’s Arkansas Matters. Despite failing eyesight and arthritis, “Duke,” managed to alert the Cash family that their Huntsville home was on fire.

Duke’s owner, Joseph, described the faithful dog’s efforts to help the family, (he) “Came in barking barking barking, freaking out, going door to door, huffing a puffing and through all the smoke.” Everyone managed to make it safely out of the burning structure, but the senior shepherd sustained burn injuries to his legs and his back.

The Cash family lost their home and their belongings and they have been staying in a hotel since the time that the fire destroyed their house. Now, they are beginning to search for a new home where their entire family, beloved pets included, can live together.

Click here to watch the video, which includes the Cash family’s canine hero.

(photo screenshot via Arkansas Matters)

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  1. Mongoose218 says:

    Good for him……glad he survived the fire, and hope they can find a place they can afford and that allows pets!


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